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Grigorios (Greg) Dimitriou

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Berlin, Germany

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Grigorios has an extended background in the fintech industry as an executive and entrepreneur, and a dedication to technology and media companies worldwide. He founded Silverwater Capital GmbH in 2014 and served as CEO for a year, demonstrating his entrepreneurial skills. He also served as an executive director for JPMorgan for over 11 years in New York and London, which highlights his extensive experience in the financial industry. Grigorios co-founded Vane (formerly BillFront) in 2015, a fintech company that provides working capital solutions for digital media companies. He served as CEO for six years before becoming the current CEO in 2021. This experience showcases his expertise in fintech, digital media, and technology, as well as his leadership skills in managing and growing a company. Overall, Grigorios' background and expertise are centered on the fintech industry, with a focus on technology and media companies. His experience in executive positions and as an entrepreneur shows his leadership skills, strategic thinking, and ability to innovate in a fast-paced industry.

Vane is a financial technology company that specializes in providing non-dilutive funding solutions to businesses in the digital sectors. They offer flexible revolving credit facilities, including receivables finance, revenue-based finance, and custom-built credit solutions, allowing clients to generate invoice financing in a few clicks. Their platform is designed to deploy capital across the digital economy, disrupting the traditional lending and financing sector by providing tailored solutions to digital companies, including advertising technology companies, app developers, e-commerce businesses, and online publishers. As the co-founder and CEO, Grigorios provides strategic leadership and direction to Vane. He aims to revolutionize the traditional lending and financing sector by offering tailored solutions to digital companies, addressing the specific needs and challenges that digital businesses face. Vane's selling points are its flexibility, speed, and efficiency in providing funding solutions to businesses. They leverage technology to streamline the process of generating invoice financing, making it quicker and more accessible for their clients. Their focus on the digital economy allows them to understand the unique challenges faced by businesses in this sector and provide customized solutions to meet their needs. Vane is disrupting the traditional lending and financing sector by offering non-dilutive funding solutions to businesses in the digital sectors. They address the challenges faced by these businesses, such as access to funding, cash flow management, and flexibility, with tailored solutions that are quick, efficient, and accessible. Their platform is disrupting the sector by offering a more agile and flexible alternative to traditional lending and financing models. Overall, Vane's focus on the digital economy, combined with their use of technology, allows them to provide tailored solutions to businesses in this sector. Their disruption of the traditional lending and financing sector is important because it addresses the unique needs and challenges of digital businesses, which can often be overlooked by traditional lending institutions. By offering a more agile and flexible alternative, Vane is helping to support the growth and success of businesses in the digital sectors.


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