Ana Tsitsa

Marketing & Communications Associate
Ana is an associate on the MarComm team, in charge of growing Endeavor Greece’s newsletter, working on different projects such as Email Marketing, the Outliers Podcast curation, and communicating with multiple stakeholders to cover logistic needs from experience kits to video campaign creation.


Ana from very young couldn’t stay in the same place for too long - one of the main reasons that she took on ballet and modern dance lessons at the ripe age of 3 years old. Born in Chania, Crete she was determined to enter the business world and make an impact that way in the world. That's always been her goal, and when a goal is set, it must be achieved.

At 18, she moved to Thessaloniki, to study Business Administration at the University of Macedonia. Opportunities were everywhere around her, and one of the biggest to grab was to go for 2 months in Italy, as a participant in an AIESEC volunteering program - supporting the high-school educational system in south Italy. Coming back to Greece after this experience, she wanted to contribute more to the Sustainable Development Goals and offer other youth multicultural and developing experiences.


Joined AIESEC at the local level, she passed from different sectors and layers, starting as a Team Leader and ending up as Vice President managing 2 different sectors. In the meanwhile, Kyiv came up and she spend a summer as a marketing intern in a Ukrainian startup - the biggest milestone was her team's win in an entrepreneurship contest.

Her last position in AIESEC was as Public Relations Director of AIESEC in Greece, moving to Athens. In this position, she managed to deliver two YouthSpeak Forums highlighting that the participation was the biggest since then. Her love of communication and team management was fuilfied in this position, handling 3 different teams and multiple stakeholders from big corporations to organizations and other youth communities.

Endeavor’s mission and values of dreaming bigger and staying agile made her join the team as a Marketing Associate.

“Make it Loud, Make it Count.”

In other words, always be full of energy, with a passion to live and explore, meet and work with different people. I always keep in my mind that everything happens for a reason, but if you believe in your infinite potential, your only limitations are those you set upon yourself.



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Project Management


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