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By Endeavor Greece Jun 19, 2020

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FREZYDERM, dedicated to the purpose of research and development to offer state-of-the art final products, enriches its ever-growing portfolio with key additions to successful ranges while renewing others in compliance with the latest scientific data.

It has recently launched two brand new ranges: the Diamond Velvet range, an intense anti-aging range of products for mature skin featuring diamond powder as the well as the Trahana (cereal soup) range made of organic wholegrain flour for children older than six months old.

Faces of Impact | Giannis Anastasiou

Describe what makes your company unique

Frezyderm produces and designs skin care products which are high quality and responsibly made. Frezyderm has been investing in skincare and in the Greek market since 1986. This is why our company has consolidated its position in the Greek market in the last few years and we now hold the first place in the skincare market inside pharmacies.

Point out one of your biggest challenges or proudest moments

The biggest challenge I have come up against as a businessman was the 2012 and 2013 recession which badly affected the Greek market. Not just me of course but other Greek businessmen as well.

Share a memorable story as a member of the Endeavor Network

In the last few years we have worked with Endeavor on seeking out dealers in other markets, foreign markets, outside Greece. As a result, we have had considerable help when it came to exports and indeed we achieved that with Endeavor and the rest of the offices around the world.

Describe something you are proud of

Since Frezyderm decided to create innovative products it has constantly invested in research and development, investing 15% of company profits every year in scientists, research and studies.

What are the three traits of the ideal employee for you?

Responsibility, ability to cooperate, ethos!

Frezyderm joined the Endeavor network in 2015

FREZYDERM, founded in 1986, is a Greek company whose main goal is the development and production of innovative and pioneering skin care products, which comply to the strictest pharmaceutical standards. Since 2009, FREZYDERM has received 41 distinctions for its products and has been awarded 8 times for corporate excellence. The company’s ongoing growth has led to its international presence in more than 33 international markets, while in 2015, the first subsidiary company was founded in London. In October 2015, FREZYDERM entered the Endeavor network during Endeavor’s 61st ISP held in Morocco.