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By Endeavor Greece Jun 11, 2020

Latest News | Green Cola

Green Cola entered the US market and is now present in the retail chains of 7 States: Texas, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and Rhode Island. Also, while expanding its presence in physical stores, the company’s products are now available through the Amazon platform, with the aim of covering the entire US market. 

Interview | Periklis Venieris, Founder

Describe what makes your company unique

Green Cola operates in the field of the production and selling of non-alcoholic beverages, delighting the consumer, using healthy ingredients and it is already present in 30 countries.

Point out one of your biggest challenges

Our company was set up in 2012, practically in the middle of the recession in Greece. We tackled many challenges, but the most important one occurred after 2016-2017 when we started growing around the world and at that point we had to find specialized personnel and funds to support our growth. And all of this continues being a challenge for our company.

Share a memorable story as a member of the Endeavor Network

We joined the Endeavor network back in 2015 when the rapid growth of our company started and we were assisted by Endeavor on our every move. On the same note, the most important thing of all is that we recently went to the US, where we got help finding production companies as well as soft drink distributors, so that we could take our first steps in the new market.

Describe something you are proud of

When I started setting up Green Cola, my vision was to create a soft drink that would delight the consumers and would be healthy at the same time. The feedback from the consumers on the first year was very important and extremely positive. It won us second place in the ‘cola’ field. The biggest multinational companies in the world followed suit and launched similar products in Greece too.

What are the three traits of the ideal employee for you?

Passion, Commitment, Honesty!

Green Cola joined the Endeavor network in 2015

Green Cola Hellas is one of the fastest-growing innovative companies in Greece, that produces non-alcoholic natural beverages with Stevia, 0% calorie intake, 0% sugar, 0% aspartame and caffeine from green coffee beans. Just a few years after the start of its successful journey, the company has gained a significant market share in Greece and has reached the second place in consumers’ preference. Today, 8 years since its establishment, Green Cola continues its growth in Greece, and 23 international markets.