Greeking Out in San Fransisco

By Endeavor Greece May 4, 2023

Greeking out in San Fransisco: Check!

What an evening! We were so happy to have gathered once again in San Fransisco with 200+ Greek Diaspora, founders, investors, and talent for another successful Greeking Out event.

Our panelists, as always, brought great insights to the table including how they navigated through challenging times and overcame obstacles while building their companies. They also touched on how entrepreneurs from developing markets can attract the interest of global funds. To no surprise, we discussed the hot topic of AI in the entrepreneurial world, highlighting the impact it has on investors as well as a venture capitalist's perspective on the enthusiasm generated by AI.

Greek tech’s influence is being felt around the world as its innovative startups and entrepreneurs make their mark on the global tech scene. With each Greeking out event, we witness a growing interest and gathering of people who are captivated by the impact of Greek technology has and will continue to have on both regional and global ecosystems. We are inspired by the great minds that are leading the Greek Tech movement and we can’t wait to see who else will be joining us along the way.

Thank you to our guests, Socrates Sourvinos, Consul General of Greece in San Francisco, Alexandros (Alex) TrimisKostas MalliosKostas KryptosFay ChristodoulouEunice G. BuhlerGaurav GuptaKristina SerafimKonstantine BuhlerSpiros Xanthos, and Andreas Stavropoulos for joining us.

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