Meet the 18 high-growth companies of ScaleUp Program Batch IV

By Endeavor Greece Feb 26, 2022

The international network of Endeavor Greece continues to actively support Greek entrepreneurship by selecting high-growth companies that, with Endeavor’s world-class services, will bring long term development to the Greek ecosystem and accelerate the growth of the company towards becoming a success story in the region 

Greece, February 22, 2022 – Endeavorthe international organization that strengthens innovation ecosystems in over 40 countries, closes 10 years of operations in Greece. Over the years, the community built by the organization is of unique importance to the country, as it’s become a facilitator to the multiplier effect, and selects and supports some of the most successful companies regionally. Hundreds of entrepreneurs, executives, and investors have joined and succeeded in their efforts to create an international Innovation Ecosystem in Greece. As part of this effort, over two years ago, Endeavor Greece launched the ScaleUp Program. With the help of the international community of Endeavor, the program accelerated in seeking and supporting the most promising tech entrepreneurs globally, who want to connect with Greece and the wider region. 

Today, the organization welcomes to the 4th batch of the program, 18 fast-growing companies with innovative entrepreneurs. For the first time it includes a company from Poland, giving a regional character to the program and serves as an important element for the development of the innovation ecosystem. 

Welcome Bryq,, Cube RM, Goodpath, HarborLab, iCOMAT, LANGaware, Lendis, My online therapy, Omilia, Pop Market, Seafair, Seismos, Smartify, Transifex, Two., VersaBox, Vertoro to the Endeavor family. Each innovative company is pursuing an exemplary course, and has presented significant growth prospects in one of the following industries: DeepTech, EdTech, FinTech, Smart Cities, HealthTech and Consumer Tech. The 18 companies of the 4th batch, have thus far raised funds amounting to 137.7 million dollars and the locations where they are based vary with 30% based in Greece and 70% abroad. Here is an introduction to the companies and their entrepreneurs.

By entering the program, companies gain access to high-level mentoring with specialized, internationally-recognized executives and top investorsstrategic guidance when expanding into new markets by leveraging Endeavor’s global network, and support in finding and attracting talent

During the multi-level selection process, the candidates were asked to demonstrate that their company has the potential to achieve spectacular growth and deliver real value to the local community. In fact, in the final stage, members of Endeavor’s Board of Directors and successful executives of international prestige, offered constructive comments and had to vote unanimously for the entrepreneurs to enter the ScaleUp Program.   

More specifically, in this year’s selection process, 43 world-renowned professionals were involved as panelists, such as Marco Veremis (Co-Founder and President of Upstream, Partner of BigPi Venture Capital, ad Member of the Board of Endeavor Greece), Andreas Stavropoulos (Partner, Threshold Ventures, Member of the Board of Endeavor Greece), Melvyn Lubega (Director at GO1, Endeavor Entrepreneur), Konstantinos Papamiltiadis (VP, Platform Partnerships at Snap Inc.) and Evan Kotsovinos (Global Head of Infrastructure at American Express).

Following the selection of the 4th ScaleUp batch, Maritina Grelloni, Head of Portfolio Growth at Endeavor Greece stated: “The program started with the aim of selecting and supporting the most promising Greek entrepreneurs both inside and outside the country. We are ecstatic that our program has crossed borders, seeing that for the first time, one of the companies selected to join the program has been established and operates exclusively in Poland.” 

Additionally, Ioanna Giannakopoulou, ScaleUp Program & DeepTech Portfolio Lead, brings to light that the ecosystem is evolving and seems to be adapting to the needs of the time, observing that last year in the midst of a health crisis, the industry with the largest representation was that of Healthcare, while this year the Smart Cities industry seems to be a trend. 

Endeavor Greece’s ScaleUp program has supported 41 rapidly growing companies over the last 2 years and with Batch IV, increases to 59. The organization, through the exclusive services it provides, aims to strengthen the Greek Innovation Ecosystem and create real value for the Greek society.  

About Endeavor Greece

Endeavor Greece was launched in 2012 as part of the global Endeavor network. Endeavor is a mission-driven, global organization leading the high-impact entrepreneurship movement to drive long-term economic growth and build strong entrepreneurship ecosystems in growth markets by selecting, mentoring, and accelerating the best high-impact entrepreneurs. Today, Endeavor Greece supports 41 entrepreneurs from 29 companies: Blueground, Cameo, Centaur , CHB – Christodoulou Brothers, Dust & Cream, Ergon, FrezyDerm, Green Cola, Hack The Box, Hellas Direct, HotelBrain, InstaShop, Konva, NumberAI, Nova Credit, Matternet, Miroculus, MTI, Orfium, Oseven Telematics, Papadimitriou, Pnoe, Pollfish, Raymetrics, Softomotive, Spotawheel, SYCHEM, Think Digital Group (TDG), and Workable. Additionally, Endeavor Greece’s program consists of 110 more companies.