OSeven Telematics joins Endeavor’s global network!

By Endeavor Greece Oct 24, 2018

OSevenTelematics joins the global network of Endeavor, non-profit organisation supporting high-impact entrepreneurship in 33 countries. The companies were selected during Endeavor’s Global 83rd International Selection Panel, held in Athens on the 22nd – 24th of October.

Among the 24 top business leaders and investors that served as panelists and selected the entrepreneurs to join our global network was our entrepreneur Jason Manolopoulos (CIO, Dromeus Capital), Nikos Moraitakis (CEO, Workable) as well as our board members Marco Veremis and Pericles Stamatiades. Panelists were drawn from Endeavor’s extensive network of board members, mentors, and supporters.

OSeven, represented by Vassilis Stivaktakis, is specialized in telematics solutions and driving behavior analysis, was established in 2015 and is based in Athens. The company provides car insurance companies with all the necessary tools and infrastructure to record the driving behavior of their customers and to adjust their pricing policy accordingly.

At this ISP, the culmination of a rigorous entrepreneurs’ selection process locally and internationally, 24 business leaders and members of Endeavor network assessed and selected 26 entrepreneurs, representing 18 companies from 13 countries. Endeavor now supports 1,768 entrepreneurs leading 1,106 companies in 33 growth markets around the world, that are given strategic advice and other services according to their needs from Endeavor’s mentors and advisors, have access to its international network and investors. This process helps them further grow their business, create jobs and become role models. Endeavor Entrepreneurs have created more than 1,500,000 jobs and in 2017 they generated over $15 billion in revenues.

From Greece, Hellas Direct, Papadimitriou, HotelBrain, Insurance Market, ERGON, Brainbox, Think Digital Group, Green Cola, Travelplanet24/Tripsta, blueground, FREZYDERM, Avocarrot, Sychem, Workable, CHB, Forky, Konva, Yodiwo, Raymetrics, Centaur Analytics, Metamaterial Technologies Inc. and Dust + Cream, are members of Endeavor network. In December, ISP will be hosted in Cape Town.