The Board of Directors at Endeavor Greece grows

By Endeavor Greece Mar 1, 2022

These important additions will strengthen the strategy of Endeavor Greece, and their participation highlights the interest in the Greek Innovation Ecosystem. 

Greece, March 1, 2022 – The Board of Directors of Endeavor Greece is expanding with the election of three new members: Lamda Development, which participates as an institutional member and is represented by its CEO, Odisseas Athanasiou, Dean Dakolias, Co-Chief Investment Officer Fortress Investment Group LLC, and Alexander Macridis, President and CEO of Chryssafidis SA. These important additions mark the future of the organization, which already has a presence in 40 countries, and has operated in Greece since 2012 with the aim of strengthening Greek business and the promotion of the Greek ecosystem abroad.

Ms. Costantza Sbokou Constantakopoulou, President of Endeavor Greece, Managing Director of the Phāea Resorts group and Chief Architect at T.E.MES. SA says “As we have all seen in recent months, the dynamics of the Greek innovation ecosystem and the impact it can have on our economy and our lives are impressive. The coming years will be a great opportunity to create and support a new generation of innovative Greek entrepreneurs, as they join forces around the world and Greece becomes an internationally competitive destination for talent and investment. It is an opportunity for the transformation of the economy that we must not miss. This is the goal of Endeavor in Greece”.

In regards to the entry of the three new members to the Board, Ms. Sbokou added: “The organization has been working hard for 10 years to substantially strengthen our ecosystem and today we are very happy that in this mission we have three new helpers, each with their own importance: Lamda Development, under the leadership of Odysseas Athanasios, has undertaken the emblematic project; The Elliniko. A landmark project that will change the image and quality of life of Athenian citizens, and make Greece an attractive destination for investors and innovative business initiatives. Dean Dakolias, who in addition to being the investment director of one of the strongest investment funds in the world, is also a great representative of the Greek Diaspora. Lastly, Alexander Macridis, as one of the most active and important industrialists in our country “.

The three new members enter a Board of Directors of particularly important personalities present in the Greek and international business scene, who together offer continuous support to young entrepreneurs and create opportunities to promote the ecosystem abroad.

Board of Directors at Endeavor Greece

  • Chairwoman:


    Costantza Sbokou Constantakopoulou, CEO, Phāea Resorts and Senior Architect of T.E.M.E.S. S.A.

  • Michael D. Chandris, Advisor, CHANDRIS GROUP

  • Dean Dacolias, co-chief investment officer of the American fund Fortress Investment Group

  • Lamda Development (represented by Odysseas Athanassiou, CEO)

  • Alexander Macridis, President and CEO of “Chryssafidis SA”.

  • Ioannis Martinos, CEO, The Signal Group

  • Nikos Moraitakis, CEO, Workable

  • NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE (through its representative, Pavlos Mylonas)

  • Ioanna Papadopoulou, President & Managing Director of E.J. Papadopoulos S.A.

  • Dimitri Papalexopoulos, Chair of the Group Executive Committee of ΤΙΤΑΝ

  • Andreas Stavropoulos, Partner, Threshold Ventures

  • Yiannis Stasinopoulos, CEO, VIOHALCO S.A.

  • Aziz Syriani, Member of the Shareholders’ Board, The Olayan Group

  • Eftichios Vassilakis, Managing Director of Autohellas S.A./Hertz & Chairman of Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air

  • Marco Veremis, Co-founder and Chairman of Upstream & Partner at BigPi Venture Capital

A few words regarding the new members

Lamda Development, listed on the Main Market of the Athens Stock Exchange, is a holding company and is active in the development, investment and management of real estate. Lamda Development’s developments include three shopping and entertainment centers (The Mall Athens and Golden Hall in Athens and Mediterranean Cosmos in Thessaloniki), office complexes, residential complexes, and the Marinas in Floisvos and Elliniko. Lamda Development has undertaken the complete metropolitan renovation of the area of ​​the former airport of “Elliniko”, which will be the largest private investment in Greece and the largest urban regeneration project in Europe. The estimated amount of the investment amounts to € 8 billion. The majority stake in the company is held by the Latsis Group.

Mr. Dean Dakolias is the Co-Chief Investment Officer of the Fortress Credit Funds, a global business investing a broad array of asset classes. Mr. Dakolias also serves on Fortress’s Management and Operating Committees. The Firm manages over $50 billion in assets. Mr. Dakolias serves on the Board of Trustees and as Treasurer for the American School of Classical Studies at Athens and is a co-founder of The Hellenic Initiative. Mr. Dakolias serves as a trustee at Columbia and on the Board of Visitors for the School of Engineering and Applied Science and the Athletic Leadership Committee.

Mr. Alexander Macridis is the President and CEO of the trading company of plumbing and industrial items “Chryssafidis SA”, which operates in the Balkans and Africa. He is the General Secretary of SEV and a member of the Board. of Yale University in International Activities, Sfakianakis SA, I.O.B.E. and the American College of Greece.