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From Goldman to Greece

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Alexis Pantazis and Emilios Markou are the living embodiment of this saying. In 2011, as Greece grappled with an economic crisis, these two left their cushy jobs at Goldman Sachs to shake up the insurance game in their homeland.

You might wonder, why would anyone dive into a startup during an economic meltdown? For Alexis and Emilios, it wasn't about returning home; it was about spotting a golden opportunity amidst chaos. The Greek insurance sector was stuck in the past, riddled with middlemen, red tape, and outdated practices. While big players like ex-Allianz overlooked markets like Greece, Alexis and Emilios saw a gap. Their vision? A streamlined, digital-first insurance company that cut the fluff and delivered value. Hellas Direct was born, aiming to offer top-notch products at unbeatable prices, all backed by stellar service.

Fast forward to today, and Hellas Direct is no longer just a Greek phenomenon. With a presence in Roma- nia and Cyprus, they've amassed over 300,000 customers. But they didn't stop at insurance. In 2022, they unveiled Wallet+, a digital wallet that goes beyond insurance, covering all vehicle-related costs through loans from partner banks. Hellas Direct is not just an insurance company anymore; it's a trailblazer in mobility finance. Alexis Pantazis and Emilios Markou proved that opportunity is often hidden where others aren’t looking. Why not discover the untapped potential of Greece for yourself?


Emilios and Alexis made one of the boldest moves we have witnessed, leaving an established career at Goldman Sachs and moving to Greece at the peak of the country's economic crisis to disrupt insurance. Back in 2012, many people in Greece could not afford to pay for their car insurance for the whole year, so they created a tailored solution to offer a stronger product with the best auto service possible at the best reasonable price.

Today, Hellas Direct has more than 300.0000 customers and offers a wide range of financial services across Greece, Romania, and Cyprus.


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