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Nova Credit

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Building a World Beyond Borders

Nova Credit was built with a singular mission: to inspire and facilitate the flow of human diversity, helping the world's moving population to arrive and thrive. Around 70% of the world’s population now has some form of a bank account or — thanks to mobile phones — a facility to receive and send money virtually, according to the World Bank. But when it comes to people crossing borders and living in new countries, they leave behind their financial histories, starting again from scratch in their new homes. But there are signs of that starting to change.

Nova Credit’s solution is that it has built a digital framework that connects an individual’s credit history information from one country back into the country where the person is currently residing, creating a product that it refers to as a “Credit Passport.” Nova Credit launched in 2016 and has since built relationships with credit bureaus in more than 20 countries. Partnering with the credit bureaus has given the company consumer-permission access to over one billion credit profiles. Nova Credit also has partnerships with lenders, including American Express, SoFi, Yardi, and Verizon. In 2023, Nova Credit received authorization to become UK’s first cross-border credit reference provider.


In a competitive financial services industry with shifting demographics, developing a strategy to attract the growing newcomer segment has become a strategic necessity for banks to defend and grow their market share. Nova Credit stands out as the only enduring solution to financial access for the millions of newcomers who come to the US each year. They’ve assembled an exceptional, mission-driven team that has what it takes to bring systemic change to life and drive financial inclusion in the most under-represented segment of our society - immigrants.


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