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Athens, Greece
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Advanced Water Technologies

Water scarcity and energy consumption are two of the biggest challenges facing our planet today and Sychem is at the forefront of tackling these issues. Founded in 2002, by Dr. -Eng. Alexandros Yfantis, SYCHEM is a fast-growing engineering company that designs, manufactures, and operates water treatment plants and geothermal energy systems that solve these complex environmental challenges while minimizing energy consumption. In the field of water treatment, SYCHEM is the largest manufacturer of desalination and ultrafiltration plants in Greece. The company is also specialized in the construction of wastewater treatment systems. In the field of energy saving, SYCHEM is specialized in energy-saving solutions focused on open geo-exchange projects and energy recovery for large-scale hotels and industries. SYCHEM also undertakes the design, construction and operation of Biogas Plants for Electricity Production while owning one with 1 MW capacity in Heraklion, Crete. What sets Sychem apart is its commitment to quality and sustainability. Its water treatment systems utilize several methods of water filtration that create high-quality water suitable for industrial and commercial use, based on membrane technology. SYCHEM's geothermal solutions use sea and groundwater to provide cooling and heating, and their advanced engineering design eliminates unnecessary maintenance costs, improving system-wide efficiency and contributing to building a more sustainable future. With 130 employees, Sychem is the largest manufacturer of desalination and ultrafiltration plants in Greece and has implemented over 100 wastewater treatment systems across Greece, Africa, and the Middle East. SYCHEM also exports its innovative technology to Southeastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and North Africa, and has subsidiaries and sales representatives in 7 countries.


SYCHEM's cutting-edge technology and their commitment to constant innovation and sustainability within their operations bring SYCHEM at the forefront of tackling some of the biggest environmental challenges facing our planet. At the same time, SYCHEM's has an impressive global perspective and experience showcased through their strong presence across Greece, Africa, the Middle East, Southeastern Europe, Asia, and North Africa.


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