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Alex Chatzieleftheriou

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Athens, Greece / New York, USA

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A Big Dream in a Small Country

“It all started with a big dream in a small country.” That's Alex's Blueground story in a nutshell. Swapping his McKinsey desk for the unpredictable world of startups, and even relocating to Seoul for Samsung to keep the dream funded, Alex's journey was anything but a straight line.

The spark for Blueground ignited during Alex's globe-trotting consultant days. Five years, 12 cities, and countless hotel rooms later, he craved the comfort of home. By 2013, the vision was clear, but the funds? Not so much. It took another two years and a move halfway across the world to get the ball rolling. The goal was simple: craft the perfect apartment experience. One that's online, ready-to-move-in, hassle-free, and feels just like home.

Fast forward to today, and Blueground's footprint is more than impressive. With 12,000 apartments across 29 cities, they're on track to hit 40,000 in 50 cities by 2025. Alex isn't just aiming high; he's shooting for the stars, with aspirations of making Blueground Greece's first decacorn. And with acquisitions like Tabas, Travelers Haven, and the recent Nest-pick under the company’s belt, it's clear they're gearing up to be the top choice for short-term apartment seekers.

Alex embodies tenacity and vision. His journey with Blueground isn't just about building a company; it's a testament to the power of unwavering commitment. Because dreaming big is one thing, but grinding day in and day out to make that dream a reality? That's where the magic happens.


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