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Astyanax Kanakakis

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Stockholm, Sweden

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Astyanax has extensive experience in the corporate/banking world as well as deep-tech (DLT) ecosystems, and has worked for prestigious companies such as McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, and Lehman Brothers. Astyanax has a strong educational background in Computing, Financial Markets, and has conducted over 60 studies on growth strategies, sector investments and M&A, leading multiple teams across geographies. As the CEO and co-founder of norbloc, a company that provides blockchain-based solutions for KYC and AML compliance, Astyanax has facilitated the company's growth and success. He haas also served as the Chairman of XBT Provider, where he led the strategic redirection of the company in the Exchange Traded Products field and facilitated the eventual acquisition by GABI.

Astyanax is the CEO and co-founder of norbloc, a company that is disrupting the compliance sector with its blockchain-based platform. Their role in the company is crucial in driving the growth and success of the business, as well as leading the strategic direction of the company. The importance of norbloc's platform lies in its ability to simplify the compliance process for financial institutions. The platform offers a KYC ecosystem that enables financial institutions to digitize customer KYC profiles and share data without sacrificing privacy, thereby complying with financial regulations and saving time. The selling points of norbloc's platform include increased efficiency, security, and cost savings for financial institutions. Overall, the importance of norbloc's platform and Astyanax's role in the company lies in their ability to provide a solution that streamlines compliance processes and enhances the value proposition for financial institutions, ultimately benefiting both the company and its clients.


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