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Haris Pylarinos

Hack The Box
Hack The Box
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Athens, Greece / London, UK / New York, USA

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From Playful Hacks to Global Impact: Haris Pylarinos's Cyber Journey

From ethical hacking as a kid to training the US military, Haris Pylarinos's journey is nothing short of epic. Who would've thought a Facebook post could turn a childhood hobby into Hack the Box, the world's premier cybersecurity platform?

Haris's love for hacking started young, pulling apart toys and later, digital systems, just to see how they ticked. Spotting a gap in the hacking world, he created Hack the Box, an online platform where IT professionals hone their ethical hacking skills through hands-on challenges. The project quickly grew into a global community, with hackers around the world joining to test their mettle and improve their craft. Recognizing its potential, Haris transformed his passion into a thriving business.

But Haris's vision for Hack the Box extends beyond just a business. He sees it as the ultimate cybersecurity hub for both seasoned hackers and newcomers. With continuous enhancements and a user-friendly dashboard in development, he's poised to set a new standard in cybersecurity training. In a striking nod to its success and credibility, Hack the Box has been integrated into the U.S. Department of Defense cyber training program.

Haris is a shining example of where passion and drive can lead. From a curious kid in Greece to the brains behind a global cybersecurity sensation, his story is a powerful reminder that, with the right mix of determination and innovation, the sky's the limit.


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