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Konstantinos Tzortzakis

Anodyne Nanotech
Anodyne Nanotech
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Boston, USA

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Konstantinos Tzortzakis is the co-founder and CBO of Anodyne Nanotech. Konstantinos completed his Diploma at National Techincal University of Athens. He had a calling for entrepreneurship early on in his academic life. During his post-graduate studies at Tufts University on Innovation and Management, the engineer-turned-founder discovered his drive for entrepreneurship. Konstantinos subsequently met his co-founders, where they would then proceed to build Anodyne Nanotech, a venture-backed, biotechnology company developing transdermal forms of blockbuster treatments. Konstantinos has a passion for identifying opportunities, and launching innovative solutions that are going to make an impact on the world. The synergy of his engineering and management expertise coupled with exposure in the US and Greek ecosystems, empowers Konstantinos to grow Anodyne Nanotech as a vehicle for improving human health through optimized delivery of biologic drugs.

Anodyne is a venture-backed, pre-clinical stage biotech company developing transdermal forms of blockbuster treatments. Their technology delivers milligrams of biologics transdermally. The Boston-based company has early collaborations with multiple major pharmaceutical companies. With a focus on optimizing and streamlining the delivery of biologic drugs, the company aims to improve human health. To date they have developed and patented solid state porous microneedle technology, the Hero Patch, which is able to deliver clinically-meaningful doses of macro-molecules removing the need for injections via traditional hypodermic needles, making drug delivery virtually painless and increasingly effective. Anodyne’s Board of Directors is composed by industry all-stars, including Jeff Mihm, who previously served as CEO of Noven Pharmaceutical, a leader in the transdermal drug delivery space.


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Anodyne NanotechCo-Founder and CBO at Anodyne Nanotech, Inc

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