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Marios Stavropoulos

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Athens, Greece

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Marios Stavropoulos, born in Kavala in 1971, is a tech entrepreneur with over 25 years in the industry. As the Co-founder and former CEO of Softomotive, he positioned the company as a global frontrunner in Robotic Process Automation solutions. He has a passion for technology and innovation, complemented by a solid understanding of business and operations.

Following Softomotive's acquisition by Microsoft, he transitioned to the role of General Manager, spearheading the integration of the company’s RPA product into the Windows OS. Today, Marios channels his expertise into the Greek tech startup ecosystem, serving as both an investor and mentor, with a mission to uplift promising startups and their founders.


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Softomotive (acquired by Microsoft)Tech Entrepreneur, Co-founder of Softomotive

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