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Michalis Papadakis

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Oxford, United Kingdom

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Michalis is a driven entrepreneur and recognized academic with a vision to deliver innovative healthcare technologies that transform patient treatment journeys. During his long-time career in academia, spanning over 10 years, Michalis completed his PhD on Cerebral Ischemia and Stroke at the University of Oxford. Subsequently he continued his work at the academic institution and set up the Laboratory of Cerebral Ischemia, where he proceeded to hold the role of Scientific Director. As the Laboratory’s Scientific Director, he conceived, designed and carried out a comprehensive research study, which identified a novel neuroprotective target for stroke, and went to publish nine peer-reviewed papers. During his time at the University of Oxford, Michalis went on to co-found and lead Brainomix from the ground up, a healthtech company specializing in the creation of AI-powered imaging biomarkers, now operating globally. As the company's CEO, Dr. Papadakis has led the management team through commercial strategy, fundraising, and corporate partnerships, and as of 2023, the company’s e-ASPECTS imaging tool through FDA clearance. Michalis has been featured as a speaker at scientific and innovation conferences internationally.

Brainomix, an award-winning spin-out from the University of Oxford, is revolutionizing stroke care with its AI-powered imaging biomarkers and software solutions, empowering physicians globally to make better treatment decisions. Through its intuitive imaging solution, Brainomix has a mission to reduce healthcare costs and make imaging solutions more precise and accessible. The company is the result of Dr. Papadakis' hard work and dedication for over a decade in academia in order to transform how we understand, diagnose and treat stroke.


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