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George Achillias

Partner at FindatAnalytics in NYC

London, United Kingdom


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George brings over 23 years of leadership experience as a COO, highlighted by his exceptional ability to scale operations and restructure complex organisations. His unique combination of software development and project management expertise and relentless pursuit of operational excellence distinguishes him in the technology sector. Proficient in communication,

George navigates fiscal challenges and P/L responsibilities with ease. George's leadership approach is data-driven, design-focused, and people-centric. His commitment to fostering growth and maximising customer value is evidenced by his successful digital transformations at industry-leading firms such as Cognizant, Alite, Wipro, Dentsu, and Mindshare. George expertly blends theory and practice, utilising AI to design and execute optimisation roadmaps for high-profile clients, including Lloyd's, LBC, BP, and Lego. He was responsible and a shadow team principal for the Aston Martin Formula1 team, where he restructured the team and managed to deliver 30% more efficiency and performance on track and in the factory. His track record reflects his strategic mindset and team governance talent. George has grown teams from a few members to over a thousand and escalated revenues from $500k to $1bn within three years. His contributions to the technology, software, and Industry 4.0 sectors demonstrate his core strengths in stakeholder management, operational efficiency, and restructuring. George's academic background, which includes a Nuclear Physics BSc, an MBA from Bentley University, and a PhD candidacy at the Technical University of Crete, bolsters his focus on smart cities and behavioural modelling. He has made significant technological strides, mainly through his research on interactions between intelligent city entities and their digital twins. His publication, "Revealing the Invisible, " introduces the innovative concept of "digital twins, " underscoring his commitment to innovation and affirming his status as a thought leader in the technology industry

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