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George Achillias

Senior Director - Advisory Lead EMEA at Cognizant

London, United Kingdom


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George Achillias is a strategist/ product executive with 20 years of experience in designing and delivering products and services. He has led organisations to grow from 10 to 1000 employees and from 1million USD to 1billion USD in revenues.

He knows how to restructure series A and series B startups in order to meet investors and market expectations and deliver accurate reporting and results.

George has a deep knowledge and experience in scaling up startups or business teams and a long term tenure on delivering products from concepts to MVPs to multiple versions and releases per year while creating teams around the world.

He has to demonstrate remarkable success in developing strategy, planning, running value assessments, prioritisation, and execution to improve customer experience and enhance organisational bottom-line while delivering growth and optimisation.

A Human-centric and experience-driven strategist, with the ability to define and deploy global strategy and innovation roadmap for medium and large organisations.

George has a significant amount of work on how AI can change traditional business and creating the right use cases for organisations. He carries a deep understanding of the AI product development and GTM strategy.

He is a nuclear physicist and he holds the Bentley MBA. the last years he does research on smart cities and behavioural economics of hyperconnected spaces.

Functional Expertise

Product & Tech