Innoetics: The Greek-originated synthetic voice of Samsung

By Endeavor Greece Feb 27, 2023

Seeing your technology working on billions of mobiles is a tremendous achievement with great satisfaction

Endeavor Greece's Outliers Podcast, welcomes in the last episode of the 4th season, Aimilios Chalamandaris, Co-founder and CEO of Innoetics. The company has developed one of the most recognized synthetic speech technologies in the world and is now the voice of Samsung, after being acquired by the Korean giant in 2017.

Aimilios shares with us his interesting story from the very first days of Innoetics, when it was started by him and 3 other researchers, until today. He explains to us the mistakes they have made over the years, mentions the acquisition by Samsung in 2017, and points out that the key to their success was the team and more specifically, the very good chemistry, communication, and shared vision they had. Finally, he shares with us his thoughts on the evolution of synthetic speech technology in particular with the rapid rise of artificial intelligence and ChatGPT.

Listen to the episode here and learn more at outlier.gr