MarineTraffic: The leader in real time vessel tracking & data collection

By Endeavor Greece Nov 29, 2022

Launching Season 4 of Outliers Podcast, with Demitris Memos, CEO of MarineTraffic.

Endeavor Greece's Outliers podcast, will continue to have simple, everyday talks to get to know the entrepreneurs who are transforming entire markets and changing the narrative of entrepreneurship.

In each episode of the series, the people behind the most impactful startups in Greece and abroad, share their own unique journeys and the challenges they have faced and will face in their industry.

We are excited to welcome Demitris Memos, CEO of MarineTraffic - a bootstrapped company that is the leader in real-time vessel tracking & data collection.

MarineTraffic was founded in 2007 by Dimitris Lekkas, a professor at the University of the Aegean as a hobby. In 2012, Demitris Memos took over its management as CEO until this day! Over the years, MarineTraffic has emerged as a world leader in real-time vessel tracking, data collection, and publication by both maritime professionals and amateur marine enthusiasts. The company may have started as a hobby for the founder, yet it has now managed to employ 190 people in 15 different countries, without ever receiving funding.

Demitris took us on a journey through the 15 years of MarineTraffic. He spoke openly about his mistakes, and the challenges he faced - emphasizing that these contributed to the evolution of a unique culture for the team, which was acknowledged at a global level. Finally, he confided in us the strategy he had and will continue to follow and shared with us his predictions for the future of the shipping industry.

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