Takis Malavetas: From the first startup in England to Pop Market, in just 15 minutes

By Endeavor Greece Dec 6, 2022

The outcome of a founder, regardless of how the company is doing, is always positive. If the company goes well, it might be more positive financially, but you won't learn more by selling the company than by closing it.

Endeavor Greece's Outliers podcast welcomes Takis Malavetas, co-founder & CEO of Pop Market, the fastest supermarket product distribution service in Greece.

Pop Market was founded in 2021 and its model was based on the need for easy online ordering and immediate delivery of any product. Its customers can order supermarket products, snacks, fresh produce, household items & more, and receive them within 15 minutes from the time of their order.

Pop Market managed to collect the largest funding ever in a seed round for a startup in Greece, while within a short period of time since its establishment, it has opened 5 dark stores in Attica and employs over 50 employees.

During the discussion, Takis shares with us how his master's degree in England was the reason behind starting his first startup, as well as the failures he has faced and what lessons he has learned from them. Finally, he explains to us why he decided to return to Greece and establish Pop Market, as well as how he sees the sector developing in the coming years.

Listen to the episode here and learn more at outliers.gr