What is a German company doing in Ioannina?

By Endeavor Greece Jan 18, 2021

More than 40 young scientists have already found a job at TeamViewer in Ioannina. The German software company, which specializes in remote management solutions and support for computers and mobile devices, is planning to hire about 200 more engineers to staff the local research and development hub that it established just one year ago. But how did they choose this particular city?

Philipp Deutscher, Managing Director at TeamViewer Greece and IT & Software Development Director at TeamViewer GmbH, talks at Endeavor Greece’s podcast ‘Outliers’, whose media partner is moneyreview.gr, about what attracted him in the city and the new opportunities that open up.

At present, most of the company’s hubs are located in Germany, and one has opened in Armenia. All technology companies, Mr. P. Deutscher says, are looking for more software developers. In some countries, such as Germany and Britain, this is not an easy task, as the competition is tough. “We were searching for a new spot and were considering several places in Europe. We looked into Valencia and other cities. In the end, we came to the conclusion that Ioannina is the ideal place for us,” he points out.

Ioannina was not the obvious choice, but it proved to be an exceptionally convenient one, as it helps us attract new talents. “I knew nothing about the city. At the beginning, I used to think that it is not a good idea as it is so much away from Thessaloniki and Athens. However, it slowly became clear that it is actually a brilliant idea. There are several universities around it and consequently you can attract new talents,” he underlines.

Another German information company, the P&I, is also present at the city, and they helped TeamViewer. “They helped us contact the local authorities and the right people.” Executives of the German company contacted both the university authorities in order to find out if what they needed was being taught and the local authorities to figure out if the necessary infrastructure was available.

The greatest challenge they had to face was finding the suitable building for their offices. Sourcing and recruitment proved to be an easier task. “We received hundreds of cvs and we selected the best 5%,” P. Deutscher stated. “90% of our employees have ties with the town (they have grown up or have studied at Ioannina or their wife/ husband comes from here, so they wish to stay here, and this is good,” he points out. What does he think of the Greek employees? “The characteristics I mostly value is that the Greek employees we have hired are open-minded and realists. This is a very good combination.”

And this combination could urge more companies to follow TeamViewer’s steps towards Ioannina.

The article was originally published at moneyreview.gr

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