1st Virtual European Investor Roadshow

By Endeavor Greece May 19, 2021

On 13th & 14th of May, Endeavor organized the first virtual European investor roadshow.

Five Endeavor offices in Europe, the global organization in support of entrepreneurship –namely, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Italy and Bulgaria‒ organized the first online investment roadshow, which featured some of the best-in-class investment schemes worldwide. Within 2 days and 20 hours in total100 speed-dating sessions took place between 29 companies and 18 investment schemes. According to Endeavor’s estimates, the companies participating in the roadshow are expected to have received a total funding of 500€ millions by the end of 2021.

The participating companies include Hellas Direct and PNOE from Greece, Colendi from Turkey,  Carto and Dosfarma from Spain, OfficeRnD from Bulgaria and KTCHN LAΒ from Italy. As far as the investment schemes are concerned, leading funds such as Northzone, Earlybird, General Catalyst, Hummingbird and DTCP participated in the roadshow.

“Last week I met high-impact entrepreneurs and leaders from the markets of Bulgaria, Spain, Greece and Turkey. It was an excellent event and we would be delighted in General Catalyst to be given the chance to participate in such an event once again, as we increase our investments in European companies of all levels,” Niko Bonatsos said, Managing Director, General Catalyst.

“We are fully aware that it is of great importance for the entrepreneurs to be connected as early as possible with global investment schemes. Endeavor is a global organization with a best-in-class funds’ network leading investments in innovation worldwide. In Europe in particular, we recognize that it is extremely significant to considerably increase the contacts and actions of leading investment schemes in the next years. Taking this into consideration, we plan to organize a lot more roadshows in the near future, aiming to include all the global funds that have presence in Europe,” Ilia Tzortzopoulou pointed out, Entrepreneur Selection & Growth Manager, Endeavor Greece.