Antonis Malaxianakis Founder & CEO of Harbor Lab, joins the Endeavor Network.

By Endeavor Greece May 31, 2023

Harbor Lab streamlines and reduces the burden of managing disbursements and port call-related expenses. As an innovative e-disbursements platform used by shipowners, ship management companies, and charterers, Harbor Lab optimizes the processes of managing Disbursement Accounts (DA) and port costs. The company aims to digitize the process end-to-end, and improve operational efficiencies.

Greece, July 18th, 2023 - Antonis Malaxianakis, the Founder & CEO of Harbor Lab, has been chosen to join the international network of Endeavor as an entrepreneur with prospects for great international success.

Antonis has achieved significant success with his innovative cloud-based digital platform for managing port expenses (the efficient management of expenses incurred by agents on behalf of shipping company operators while their ships are in the port) at Harbor Lab. These achievements have played a crucial role in his inclusion in the Endeavor Entrepreneur community, which is the largest global community of high-impact entrepreneurs worldwide. This community comprises more than 2400 entrepreneurs across 40+ markets and holds great importance for founders. Being part of Endeavor opens up global opportunities for Antonis and provides him with credibility in the international investment and business market.

Antonis embarked on his journey with Endeavor by participating in the ScaleUp program, specifically designed for innovative companies in their early stages. In less than a year, Antonis demonstrated exceptional progress and navigated Endeavor's rigorous selection process, earning him the esteemed title of an Endeavor Entrepreneur. This recognition propelled his company, Harbor Lab, to the forefront of Greece's business landscape, with immense potential for international success. Such achievements are fundamental elements considered during the selection process for joining Endeavor's prestigious community of high-level entrepreneurs.

Following an impressive performance in Endeavor Greece's ScaleUp Program, Antonis successfully navigated the rigorous selection process, interviewed by six internationally recognized executives from the Endeavor network, who were eager to understand the intricacies of Harbor Lab's business model, innovative services, competitive advantages, and growth prospects in the global market. He showcased his vision and expertise during the 37th Virtual International Selection panel held on May 24th, earning his place as an Endeavor Entrepreneur.

Very strong, scrappy, and resilient entrepreneur, with a 100x ambition who will give it everything to get there says

Arjuna Costa, Co-founder and Managing Partner at Flourish VC

Following the completion of the International Selection Panel, Antonis secured his membership in the network as an Endeavor Entrepreneur. With this title, they will gain access to high-quality services offered by the global organization, such as meeting important global funds, world-renowned entrepreneurs, and mentoring by leading professionals in all disciplines. Endeavor’s global network now includes 43 Greek entrepreneurs, who have raised funds amounting to over 1.4B.

Harbor Lab’s involvement in the Endeavor Network started when they were selected in the 2022 cohort of our ScaleUp Program. The momentum Harbor Lab gained since it was founded is shown through the $6.3M funding round led by Venture Friends & Speedinvest, and their rapid acceleration in joining the Endeavor Entrepreneur program, in only one year since being selected as a ScaleUp. Not only that, but in just one year they scaled their talent from 8 to 63 people.

Antonis’s career in shipping began in 2013, when he joined Thenamaris, a global ship management company, as a trainee, working within the supply office and later as a disbursements operator for just under 5 years. With his extensive experience in the industry, he knew fairly early on that it needed disruption due to lack of digitization which limited his abilities to handle disbursements over 6-8 vessels. The rest, as they say, is history!

Antonis recognized the scale of the problems that shipping companies face when they do not have adequate software. This realization led him to set out and build Harbor Lab as a solution to automate disbursement processing while reducing manual intervention and heavy administration. In just two years, from 2021-2023, Harbor Lab has aggregated information on 2.5K of the 10K port agents globally and achieved a 100% ship retention rate of its 1K ships on the platform. Harbor Lab is at a key inflection point, looking to become the “Amazon of the maritime industry” and its efficiency, transparency, cost-effectiveness, and connectivity are what will continue to provide value to its plethora of customers of shipowners, managers, charters, and port agencies.

Eliso Kotsieva, Smart Cities & AgriTech Portfolio Lead says

Harbor Lab is a shining example of success within a space that should be an ideal backdrop for maritime technology companies to thrive and reshape the market but is ridden with significant challenges to entrepreneurship due to the risk-averse nature and slow adaptability of the industry. For me, a  big reason for this success is Antonis’ refusal to accept the status quo and challenge the ‘we have always done it this way mentality.  I am very proud to work with Antonis and confident that his unwavering dedication will lead to even greater achievements for Harbor Lab and the entire MaritimeTech sector, helping position Greece not only as a traditional maritime power but also as a shipping innovation hub!