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Antonis Malaxianakis

Harbor Lab
Harbor Lab
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Athens, Greece

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Innovating Maritime Trade

Antonis Malaxianakis took the well-trodden path of many Greek graduates into the shipping industry, only to find himself frustrated by its antiquated processes. Instead of just venting, he set sail to revolutionize the industry with Harbor Lab, which aims to streamline the burdensome tasks that weigh down shipowners.

Antonis's eureka moment came when he realized that budgeting for port calls was a complex labyrinth.

The disbursements accounting (DAs) system was a puzzle, with each port layering its own pricing rules like a chaotic parking lot where no two spots cost the same. To tackle this, he assembled a team of port analysts armed with math skills and a global directory of port tariffs. They crafted an algorithm that checks if a ship's charges are on the mark, potentially saving companies an average of $4,000 per port call, which adds up to a neat 6% cut in port expenses.

But Antonis’ vision extends beyond aggregating prices. Harbor Lab has expanded to address another headache for shipowners: the myriad expenses incurred at ports, from crew accommodation to repair parts. The company launched a marketplace that empowers shipowners to shop around, compare, and haggle for the best deals on services. And the next wave?

Harbor Lab is charting a course towards an AI-driven future, aiming to automate the entire port call process.

Disrupting traditional sectors is no easy feat; it's like turning a massive tanker around. Yet, Harbor Lab's swift and significant impact is a testament to the immense value that innovation can unlock, even in the most established of industries.


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Antonis Malaxianakis Founder & CEO of Harbor Lab, joins the Endeavor Network.

May 31, 2023