Endeavor Outliers: Endeavor Greece’s new podcast series

By Endeavor Greece Nov 30, 2020

Meet the fastest-growing high-impact entrepreneurs through the new podcast series of Endeavor Greece. Every week, we meet Outliers, entrepreneurs who stand out worldwide, transform entire markets and change the entrepreneurial narrative. In each episode of the series, the people behind the most successful startups in Greece and abroad narrate their own journey, and pinpoint the challenges and opportunities they see in their industry. 

In the first episode of Outliers, which has just been released, our guest is George Hadjigeorgiou, who launched his product search and price comparison platform, in 2005, without any business plan. Today the company has managed to reach €1B in annual gross revenue, and has radically transformed the E-commerce field in Greece.  George explains how he coped with the huge increase in demand in the midst of the pandemic, the mega-deal with CVC Capital Partners, and shares his predictions about the forthcoming Christmas season. 

In the second episode, we will be talking to Andreas Raptopoulos, the founder and CEO of Matternet, and a pioneer in drone delivery technology. Matternet started in Silicon Valley in 2011, and became the first company to deliver small parcels, in urban settings, via drones. Today the company counts UPS among its collaborators, and has raised more than 30 million dollars from investors. Andreas talks to us about his early years in Greece ,the leap to the US, and the ‘golden age’ of drones. 

The first two episodes will be followed by the stories of Nicky Goulimis (co-founder of Nova Credit), Nikos Drandakis (founder of TaxiBeat), Philipp Deutscher (Director of Software Development at Teamviewer) and many others. 

Panagiotis Karampinis, Managing Director of Endeavor Greece, is the presenter of the series, and The Greek Podcast Project has undertaken the production and editing. The episodes will be available every Tuesday at and on all podcast platforms (such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts).

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