Endeavor Scale-up Program: 2nd Cohort

By Endeavor Greece Jan 10, 2021

The companies of the second cohort of the program have been announced

Endeavor Scale-up is a local accelerator program for fast-growing companies, which was recently launched by Endeavor Greece. Through a Local Selection Panel, which is held every six months, Endeavor asks the participating entrepreneurs to prove to the Board members and to the mentors of its network that they have the potential for global growth, for generating new jobs and creating wealth to the local economy. In order for a company to be selected for the program, it should meet the following criteria: a) to have received a total funding of more than €5M or b) to have raised more than €2M in its Seed round or c) to have had a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) that exceeds 75% in the last 3 years. 

An impressive number of major executives of the Greek market participated in the recent Selection Panel. Among them there were two board members of Endeavor Greece, namely Marco Veremis (Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Upstream, and Partner at BigPi Venture Capital) and Andreas Stavropoulos (Partner, Threshold Ventures). Several mentors of the Endeavor network were also actively present, such as Apostolos Apostolakis (Partner, Venture Friends), Nikos Goulis (CEO, e-travel), Christina Crosby (Managing Director, Astir Capital Advisors), Nikos Drandakis (Serial Entrepreneur), Rob Genieres (Managing Partner, ETF Partners) Nikos Kalliagkopoulos, (Principal, Prime Ventures), Christina Karapataki (investor, Breakthrough Energy Ventures) and Vassili Samolis (Product lead, Instagram).

Throughout their participation in the program, the entrepreneurs will have access to strategic guidance from expert mentors, funding through the international Endeavor investor network, and talent, using the organization’s cooperation with universities and businesses internationally. Furthermore, the selected companies will have the potential to take part in international events, gaining access to Endeavor’s network and members worldwide. 

Panagiotis Karampinis, Managing Director of Endeavor Greece stated: “By including the above-mentioned companies in the program, Endeavor Scale-up supports 27 companies in total. The main objective of the program is to select the most promising high-tech companies that have been founded by Greeks, to contribute to their growth worldwide, and eventually lead them to join the global network of Endeavor as Endeavor Entrepreneurs.”

The new companies that will be joining in the 2nd cohort of the Endeavor Scale-up program are the following: 

Apifon provides a business messaging platform that helps companies to send and manage their messaging campaigns.

Major companies and banks, such as Viber, Alpha Bank, NBG, Eurobank, Praktiker, AB Vasilopoulos, etc are amongst the company’s clientele.

Founder: Konstantinos Stroumpakis

Fantasy Sports Interactive is the Fantasy Sports Software Provider for the Sports Betting and Gaming Industry.

They hold partnerships with major regional suppliers and companies such as OPAP, Scientific Games and Cashpoint. 

Co-founder: Dionysis Tsalikis

Futurae provides user-friendly multi-factor authentication solutions for businesses in the financial, insurance and banking sector.

They uphold a high degree of security standards and improve user experience without compromising user privacy.

Co-founders: Nikos Kapapanos, Sandra Tobler, Claudio Marforio

PD Neurotechnology is a high-tech company that develops, produces and sells systems that aim at supporting patients with movement disorders.

The company is based in London. They have a Greek branch and an R&D center in Greece. To date, they have raised $4 million.

Co-founder: Nikos Moschos

Procureship provides an innovative online platform for shipping companies and ship suppliers.

To date, they have enhanced the procurement process of more than 900 ships and have established a network of more than 3,000 suppliers.

Co-founders: Grigors Lamprou, Aris Manassakis

Through 3D scanning, SafeSize provides unique personalized solutions for shoe purchase. It has more than 2,000 retail customers and it has formed partnerships with major companies, such as  Intersport, Decathlon, Sport 2000 and Sportsdirect.

They have 2000+ retail customers worldwide and they have a huge clientele with the largest retail customer base (Intersport, Decathlon, Sport 2000, Sportsdirect, etc)

Co-founder: Angelos Stavrakis

Savings United is a coupon partner of premium media companies, with a presence in more than 10 countries and partnerships with leading publishing houses worldwide, such as The Wall Street Journal, The Telegraph and The Independent. 

They are present in 10+ countries and they work with top publishers of the world, such as The Wall Street Journal, The Telegraph and The Independent.

Co-founder: Panagiotis Nikolaidis

Seervision provides a software for camera automation designed to enhance live video production.

They have received the Swiss Technology Award (2018), the Digital Economy Award (2019) and the 2019 NAB Product of the Year Award.

Co-founder: Nikos Kariotoglou

Through its adaptive technology, Weav music personalizes and intensifies the listening experience of music adapting music to the mood, the activity and the occasion. Its clients include companies such as Sony, Warner Music and Disney Music Group.

Sony, Warner Music και Disney Music Group are amongst the company’s clientele.

Co-founders: Elomida Visviki, Lars Rasmussen 

Learn more about the program here.