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By Endeavor Greece Jun 11, 2020

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Softomotive was acquired by Microsoft, facilitating the largest exit the Greek tech sector has seen in years. This record deal will bring many benefits to the Greek economy and the development of tech companies in our country.

Softomotive, a member of the Endeavor network and one of the biggest Greek success stories, is considered to be one of the first companies to enter the market of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Interview | Argyris Kaninis & Marios StavropoulosCo-founders

Describe what makes your company unique

Softomotive is a software company that specializes in what we call Robotic Process Automation (RPA). We are producing software that enables companies and organizations to automate repetitive and monotonous tasks that have been executed by people so far, therefore allowing individuals to focus on the aspects of their jobs that are of greater importance and have much more to offer to the organization.

Point out one of your biggest challenges or proudest moments

(Marios) Like any other entrepreneur, my life is full of challenges, as well as ups and downs. If I were to focus on one of them, that would be the significant change that Softomotive faced right after the Series-A funding. We started a rapid expansion that followed a sudden presence in more countries than ever before. Having followed a very different model until then, we had to go back to the startup model. This shift required strong internal communication, which took time, since we had to change ourselves and then apply this change to the organization as well.

Share a memorable story as a member of the Endeavor Network

(Argyris) The Harvard Business School program has been one of the most powerful experiences I have had so far and one of the many important assets that Endeavor brought to our company. I had the joy and honor to find myself among entrepreneurs from all over the world, who were facing similar, identical or different problems. Together, we analyzed other companies’ cases either known or unknown and we discussed about entrepreneurs who had found themselves in the same crossroads we did. The experience was thrilling and changed the way we designed our next steps.

How is your vision different today, compared to when you started the company?

People in the business world know that the path to success is not always smooth. Instead, it has many ups and downs. The same applies to an entrepreneur’ s vision and therefore a company’s vision. When we first launched Softomotive, we wanted to build a company whose services would not only apply to individual users, but to large organizations as well. As the company grew, became global and had to compete with global organizations, our vision evolved with it. In reality, this change was somehow a return to the initial values, that is, helping organizations achieve their goals. Today, we want to infuse the concept of automation to every individual, therefore help improve every employee’s daily life. This is based on the belief that when one stops performing repetitive tasks and focuses on what gives him real satisfaction, his everyday life changes, causing the environment and the operations of the whole organization to change too.

What are the three traits of the ideal employee for you?

We believe that the ideal employee must be willing and able to scale. Besides this, we are also looking for responsibility and integrity in all our future employees.

Softomotive joined the Endeavor network in 2019

It is one of the leading providers of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions, trusted by more than 9,000 companies worldwide. Both attended and unattended RPA are delivered through powerful, robust technology from desktop installation to server-based software which is quick to deploy, easy to use and provides best value for money.