Hack The Box joins the Endeavor Network

By Endeavor Greece Apr 21, 2021

Haris Pylarinos becomes the 39th Endeavor Entrepreneur in Greece

Haris Pylarinos, founder & CEO of Hack The Box, the largest hacking community in the world,  joins the Endeavor Network and becomes the 39th Endeavor Entrepreneur in Greece! The selection of the company marks its integration into the leading network of fast-growing companies in the country and sets one more success for the Greek tech ecosystem.

“Hacking does not simply involve studying a textbook. You have to be open to trial and error, to exchange your knowledge and methodologies, to constantly develop your skills. I soon realized that there was a gap, a certain need, and that is exactly what I tried to fulfill by creating Hack The Box.” explains Haris Pylarinos on Outliers, Endeavor Greece’s podcast series.

Hack The Box is an online cybersecurity training platform allowing individuals, businesses, and universities to level up their skills in the most practical and gamified way possible. From hundreds of constantly updated virtual hacking labs to the plethora of interactive cybersecurity courses at HTB Academy, Hack The Box is on a mission to upscale the cybersecurity capabilities of every professional and organization in the world.

In less than 4 years, Haris and his team have created the largest and most promising global community of cybersecurity professionals, counting 560K+ members worldwide and growing rapidly, as they onboard 1,500+ people every day to its cybersecurity gaming platform. Just a few days ago, the company announced its Series A investment round of $10.6 million led by Paladin Capital Group and joined by Osage University Partners (OUP)Brighteye Ventures and existing investors Marathon Venture Capital

“As a participant of the Endeavor Scale-up program, I have witnessed first-hand the quality and the power of Endeavor’s global network. Today marks the day that I take the final step towards joining the network and becoming an Endeavor Entrepreneur. I feel very privileged to be part of this and to be able to give back to the global scale-up community,” stated Haris Pylarinos.

Anna Natsvlishvili, Entrepreneur Selection & Growth Manager – Deep-tech Vertical Lead at Endeavor, stated: “Hack The Box shows significant annual growth in the number of employees, revenues and enterprise customers. We’re very excited that Hack The Box was selected to join the Endeavor network and that we will be supporting such a promising company to its global expansion and growth. We are confident that HTB will give back to the Endeavor community, as the community spirit is part of their DNA.”