Orfium joins the Endeavor Network

By Endeavor Greece Apr 22, 2020

Drew Delis, Chris MohoneyRob Wells and Michael Petychakis, co-founders of Orfium, were selected to join the Endeavor network, during the 2nd Virtual International Selection Panel (ISP), the final stage of the multi-step selection process for choosing the new Endeavor Entrepreneurs, held online, on April 20th – 22nd.  To cope with the current situation worldwide, Endeavor has decided to change its selection process and hold virtual International Selection Panels to select new high-impact entrepreneurs to join its global network.

In the old days when physical albums were the main source of revenue, accountants kept count of units sold and units in inventory in order to manage royalty payments. As the industry went through rapid digital transformation, and streaming services and user-generated content platforms (UGC) exploded in popularity, the quantity of copyright data that needs to be managed has grown tremendously.

Orfium is a company in the $283B digital content and music industry that has both the business knowledge and technical expertise to provide automated solutions that fulfill the industry’s copyrights management and content monetization needs to large music companies. Orfium’s clients include 4 of 6 major music companies, 2 international PRO’s and a volume of independent publishes and record companies. The company has 110 employees, most of whom are located in Greece.

Sakis Triantafyllakis, Entrepreneur Selection & Growth Manager at Endeavor, stated: “The Orfium team is solving a lot of the digital & monetization challenges the music companies and publishers are facing. With their deep industry expertise and business understanding, they are developing solutions that will have a huge impact in the digitization of the music industry. They have a great Product and R&D team of 60+ engineers and data scientists in Greece that are a true asset for the company and will be opening a lot more positions in the next few years. We are happy that Orfium was selected in the Endeavor network and that we will be supporting such a promising company with their global expansion and growth.”

The founders of Orfium, stated: “Despite the limitations of a remotely run ISP, Endeavor delivered a truly enjoyable and enlightening experience. From the ice breaking cocktail event to the panel interviews, the whole process was seamless, enjoyable and provided Orfium with incredibly valuable insights and exposure to a network that would be immensely valuable to be a part of. We are truly happy to be selected as an Endeavor company and we are looking forward to participating and paying back what we have learned to future Endeavor prospects.”