Sokratis Papafloratos, Founder & CEO of Numan, joins the Endeavor Global Community

By Endeavor Greece Nov 27, 2023

Sokratis founded, a leading digital health platform dedicated to revolutionizing men's health under the mission of helping men — and all that know them — live healthier, happier lives. A few days ago he was unanimously selected to become an Endeavor Entrepreneur and be part of the leading global community for high-impact, world-renowned entrepreneurs.

Sokratis Papafloratos, Founder & CEO of, was unanimously selected to become an Endeavor Entrepreneur. During the 41st Virtual ISP, he captured the attention of world-class panelists with both his mission to revolutionize men's health and his business success, which led to him entering the leading Endeavor Global Network of 2.4k+ entrepreneurs across 40+ markets, which holds great importance for founders, as it opens up unique opportunities such as meeting the most important funds in the world and mentoring by leading professionals in all disciplines as well as being part of an outstanding peer to peer network of world-renowned entrepreneurs. Endeavor’s global network now includes 44 active Greek entrepreneurs, who have raised funds amounting to over $1.4B.

Sokratis has achieved significant success with his innovative platform, committed to destigmatizing and addressing men's health issues such as erectile dysfunction (ED), hair loss, weight loss and sleep. Numan's integrated approach offers medical and behavior-based treatments, ensuring a comprehensive and personalised journey for each user, while providing all important information needed for someone to make informed decisions about his health.

Founded in 2018, the company has rapidly gained traction serving 400k+ clients and representing approximately 1.2% of the male population in the UK. The company boasts an average subscription length of three years and an impressive Customer Satisfaction score of 91%. Recognized by over 50% of its addressable market, Numan has secured its position as the most recognized independent brand in its category. The company's strategic growth initiatives, including a $40M Series B funding round in 2021, have set the stage for great success, and a record for the largest raise in the space of men’s health at the time.

Apart from his successful business, Sokratis’ vision has set him apart. His journey towards founding Numan was fueled by a personal realization of the underserved nature of men's health and a desire to leverage technology for positive behavioral change and destigmatization. With a background in Electronic Engineering and experience as the founder of TrustedPlaces and co-founder of Togethera, Sokratis brings a wealth of knowledge in what it takes to build and scale a successful entrepreneurial venture. What is more, Sokratis has also engaged with the tech ecosystem as an angel investor, noteably being one of the early investors of Calm, the world’s first mental health unicorn, further reflecting his understanding and knowledge of the healthtech space.

Irinna Vavaletskou, Portfolio Healthcare Vertical Lead at Endeavor Greece mentioned:

“Sokratis has established an impressive track record as a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. Under his leadership, Numan has emerged as a force for good, making quality, holistic care more accessible. At the same time, Sokratis' commitment to giving back, reflects the ethos championed by Endeavor. In addition to reshaping the healthcare narrative around men's health and beyond, Sokratis maintains strong ties to his Greek roots, proudly employing a team in Thessaloniki, a city rapidly gaining recognition as a hub for healthcare innovation on a global scale. This commitment positions Numan as a cornerstone story in the narrative of Greek entrepreneurship and innovation. We are thrilled to support Sokratis on his scaling journey with Numan. His passion and commitment will not only make Numan the next entrepreneurial success story, but also highlight the Greek transformation movement.”