The Making of An Outlier

By Endeavor Greece Feb 17, 2021

The real disruptors of the ecosystem

For the past months that we’ve been hosting Outliers podcast, we’ve had the opportunity to talk to entrepreneurs across different industries and from many walks of life. Their stories and insights have broadened our thinking but also made us realize that for all their different perspectives and experiences, what every great entrepreneur shares — no matter their industry, location, background — is a certain mindset. However, every single one of them had a very distinguished view on what makes an entrepreneur outshine the rest, what makes an “Outlier”. 

What makes an Outlier?

At Endeavor we define Outliers as fast growing entrepreneurs who stand out worldwide with their performance, go beyond the established and inspire the next generations of entrepreneurs. In this article we share with you how our guests interpret what it means to be an Outlier and what are those specific traits that distinguish an Outlier from any other entrepreneur. 

George Hadjigeorgiou, (Co-founder & CEO of Skroutz) Passion makes an entrepreneur an Outlier according to George. “If I think about me, it’s that I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur. I did not even care, I just liked what I was doing”.

Nicky Goulimis (Co-founder & COO, Nova Credit) Three are the main traits of an Outlier, according to Nicky: First of all, always being able to return to the first principles. Secondly, being Curious. “The job changes, you are constantly in need of learning something different and this must be amusing. I love things that change.” Last but not least, being open to feedback, recognizing the negative traits and showing flexibility and willingness to adjust his behavior.

Nikos Drandakis (Founder, BEAT)  Nikos also sees three main traits in an Outlier: Firstly, being exceptional at executing ideas. “You have an idea and you deliver it and, in fact, quickly”. Secondly, being consistent in the execution of ideas. “An Outlier does not wait for others. He takes whatever idea he has into his own hands, no matter if this idea is big or small, right or wrong, and he accomplishes it.” 3. Lastly, having strong communication skills. “If you want to be a leader, you need to have strong communication skills, because this is the only way to attract all the clever people out there and get them to help you”

Alex Loizou (co-founder & CEO, Trouva) Alex believes that an entrepreneur has conviction about what he’s doing. However, an Outlier also has the ability to build a narrative around it and gain buy-in from all of the people around him, such as the stakeholders, team, suppliers, developers, anyone. “That ability is extremely crucial”. At the same time, an Outlier can both internalize the signals that he’s getting and adjust the message in order to break through. “I find it very hard to be able to do both and I think exceptional entrepreneurs are those who are able to do that”.

Philipp Deutscher (Vice President Software Development, TeamViewer) Thinking outside of the box distinguishes an Outlier from any other entrepreneur according to Philipp, the Managing Director of Teamviewer’s new R&D facility in the city of Ioannina. “That’s what we did when we decided to cοme to Ioannina and I think from this perspective this also makes us an Outlier.”

George Hadjigeorgiou (Co-founder & President, ZOE) The most important thing for an entrepreneur is, according to George, to do something that you love, and with people that you love and respect. “Very few successful people are doing something that they don’t love”. At the same time, he considers equally important having a growth mindset. In other words, seeing every opportunity as a growth opportunity, learning and evolving, so that one can grow and become better.

Maria Katris (Co-founder & CEO, Built Ιn) Vision is the number one trait of an Outlier, according to Maria. “You need to be able to see things before other people see them. It gives you an inherent advantage, and if you can’t see things before anyone else sees it, you’re already behind the eightball.” Maria also identifies many underlying factors, such as work ethic, being competitive, wanting to win, caring. And, last but not least, being a good leader. “You can build a unicorn business and not be a good leader. However, to navigate a company through ups and downs through a long journey, you have to care about your people, you have to have a high level of EQ and you have to be empathetic”. A combination of the above is what Maria thinks that ultimately makes someone an Outlier.   

Our take

Entrepreneurs of the Endeavor network pioneer life changing innovations and inspire the next generation of founders around the world. A 5% of these groundbreaking Entrepreneurs have the biggest outsized impact on our ecosystems. These are the Outliers, business leaders who are influencers in their respective entrepreneurial ecosystems. Catalysts in their communities, they surpass the expectations in creating jobs and mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs. These role models strive to build and scale lasting businesses in order to inspire countless others to follow in their footsteps. Their successes are attributable, but not limited to; receiving major investments, breaking new ground in technological innovation, fostering cross border collaborations, and most importantly, leading in job creation. 

Endeavor Outliers are the fastest growing entrepreneurs in the network. They are natural entrepreneurs that build solutions and seek answers when they cannot be found. They are the ones who embrace fear and the unexpected with open arms. In essence, they are at the heart and soul of the lasting economic and cultural impact of entrepreneurship in their communities.

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