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London, United Kingdom
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Accelerate biomedical research. Fast-track scientific discovery.

Causaly is a London-based company that has disrupted the biomedical research space with the development of its platform designed to find evidence, explore hidden connections and make new predictions in biomedical science. The company's platform, one of the largest knowledge platforms in the word, allows anyone to run deep searches and find the answers to complex research questions that would have previously taken weeks, or even months to find with traditional keyword search, enabling clients to discover new insights and accelerate research work. To achieve this, Causaly is teaching computers to read all knowledge ever published and develop an interface that allows humans to answer questions they can’t ask anywhere else.

Causaly targets the root of the problem in research, which is the exponential growth of biomedical information – spanning scientific literature, regulatory documents, clinical trials and proprietary research – leading to humans struggling to keep up. Increasingly, biomedical experts are using new insights from genes and biomarkers to tailor ground-breaking treatments for specific patient groups and individuals. The complexity of these new medical frontiers adds to the human burden of trying to absorb, process and leverage all the necessary knowledge required to make an original intervention or discovery. Causaly currently employs nearly 100 people, between London and Greece. Causaly’s technology is the fastest way for world-leading researchers to find evidence, explore hidden connections between complex physiological mechanisms and make new predictions in biomedical science and other key industries, showcasing impressive results.


Causaly is co-founded by Yiannis Kiachopoulos and Artur Saudabayev who have cumulative, in-depth, international experience across consulting, computer science and natural language processing, truly understanding multiple dimensions of what it takes to build a strong company and product. It is no luck that the company is growing rapidly and is trusted by top investors and companies world-wide. With over 80 million unique interactions between entities on the platform, Causaly shows great promise for the future.


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