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inne by Feral GmbH

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Berlin, Germany
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The inne minilab measures progesterone via saliva, making it the world’s most innovative at-home cycle tracking system and the future of hormonal health. Since launching the minilab and receiving medical device regulation in 2019, inne has helped thousands of women across Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the UK to track their progesterone levels with the app processing over 180,000 hormonal data points. The inne minilab uses a combination of highly sensitive immunoassays and advanced image processing technology to detect the smallest differences in hormone levels, building users’ individual progesterone trend curves to inform them of their fertility and ovulation. Science and medicine have largely neglected female health. In fact, it was only in 1993 that the USA passed a law requiring research trials to include women! inne, however, champions and prioritizes women’s health. The inne minilab first supported women trying to conceive, cutting down the average time to pregnancy in half. Now, inne is wrapping up its clinical study to be certified for contraception use. By accompanying women from their first period to their last, inne is reclaiming female health by offering the power of radical self-knowledge.


The company is not only revolutionizing how women track and understand their hormonal health, but has also received the backing of notable VCs and entities including DSM, Borski Fund and Blossom Capital, as well as high-profile angel investors, including Trivago founder Rolf Schroemgens.


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