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San Francisco, California
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Miroculus is building a new operating system for life sciences. It is a toolbox that includes an instrument, a plastic consumable and a software that will allow thousands of scientists, engineers, hospitals and lab operators all over the world to create, share, download and run the most complex protocols and tests in a fully automated fashion at no additional cost. Miroculus has developed a proprietary technology — Miro technology — based on digital microfluidics to automate and miniaturize genomic protocols such as Next Generation Sequencing library preparation, synthetic biology, cell editing, and combinatorial chemistry, in a compact, user-friendly system. Miroculus IP extends to over 25 patent applications within 13 different patent families. The Miro technology utilizes electromechanical forces to actuate droplets on the surfaces of insulated electrodes, without requiring immersion in oil or direct contact with system electronics.


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