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Fay Christodoulou

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San Francisco, California

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Fay Christodoulou is a force to be reckoned with in the biotechnology world. Coming from a family of doctors and businessmen, the academic-turned-entrepreneur, had a decade-long, celebrated career in academia and research before moving on to create Miroculus. Fay started her academic career in the UK, followed by positions at top-tier institutions like EMBL where she continued her work as a molecular biologist.

Subsequently, Fay started her graduate studies at Singularity University in 2013, founded by the likes of Autodesk, Cisco, ePlanet Capital, Genentech, Google, the Kauffman Foundation, and Nokia. The University is where she also had the opportunity to meet her co-founders, Alejandro Tosigl and Jorge Soto.

During that time Fay, Alejandro, and Jorge went on to found Miroculus. Starting with their work on the microRNA sector, aiming at the early detection of cancer, they realized the immense potential and application of their work. Fay is the company's Chief Scientific Officer, helping the company revolutionize the biotech space. She is also passionate about women's representation in the field opting for the equal participation of women and men on all levels of the company.

Since its inception, Miroculus has raised funds of over $30 million from notable venture capital firms (OSFund, Nazca), family offices, and companies on the Fortune 500 list, continuing its ongoing disruption of the way in which we approach biotech research. Miroculus has developed a proprietary technology — Miro technology — based on digital microfluidics to automate and miniaturize genomic protocols such as Next Generation Sequencing library preparation, synthetic biology, cell editing, and combinatorial chemistry, in a compact, user-friendly system.


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Miroculus (acquired by INTEGRA Biosciences)Co founder & Chief Scientific Officer at Miroculus Inc

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Oct 24, 2021