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Athens, Greece
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OKTO is a mobile payment platform that was founded in 2018 with a mission to revolutionize payment systems in the global entertainment, leisure, and gaming industries. The company provides innovative digital payment solutions and applications that allow for easy, secure, and frictionless payment processes. OKTO is solving the problem of traditional payment systems that are often inefficient, inconvenient, and not secure. The platform enables customers to make real-time payments using their mobile devices, reducing the need for cash or credit cards, and ensuring high-security standards for all transactions. OKTO operates in over 10 countries, with offices in Greece, the UK, and Malta. The company has established itself as a resilient and reliable payment provider, with an uptime rate of 99.99%, ensuring that customers can make payments seamlessly and without interruptions. The company's business model is based on a transaction fee charged for each payment processed through the platform. OKTO offers customized payment solutions tailored to the specific needs of different businesses, ensuring that all transactions are processed seamlessly and efficiently. In summary, OKTO is a leading mobile payment platform that is disrupting the traditional payment systems in the entertainment, leisure, and gaming industries. With its innovative solutions, the company is transforming the way customers interact with these sectors, while ensuring high-security standards and a reliable payment system.


What excites us about OKTO is its disruptive technology that is transforming traditional payment systems in the entertainment, leisure, and gaming industries. Their innovative solutions are providing customers with more efficient, secure, and convenient payment options, while also reducing payment-related issues such as fraud. This is aligned with the Endeavor mission of supporting high-impact entrepreneurs who are driving innovation and growth in their respective industries. As an investor, we believe in OKTO's mission to revolutionize payment systems, and we are excited to support their growth and success.


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