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Enterprise Software & ServicesNatural Language Processing
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Limassol, Cyprus
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Omilia is a conversational artificial intelligence self-services developer, founded in Athens in 2002 by Dimitris Vassos. The company's main mission is to help enterprises deliver exceptional customer experiences by providing a human-like conversational experience across all channels, enabling self-service via voice or text. Omilia addresses the problem of traditional Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems' ineffectiveness in handling complex customer queries by providing natural language understanding (NLU) interfaces. With over 27 successful NLU self-service deployments across the world, Omilia has established itself as a world leader in NLU technology. The company operates in 17 countries across the world, with offices in Greece, the UK, Canada, and the US. Omilia's proprietary technologies and flexible solutions allow for a seamless customer experience, reducing call center volume and wait times, and offering significant cost savings for enterprises. The company stands out in the resilience of its solutions, which have demonstrated their effectiveness in handling unexpected spikes in customer interactions, as well as in its ability to handle complex customer inquiries. Omilia's business model is based on delivering custom self-service solutions to enterprises and partnering with them to provide ongoing support and optimization.


What excites us about Omilia is their innovative approach to customer care and their commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences. Their unique selling points lie in their ability to provide human-like conversational experiences, reducing call center volume and wait times, handling complex customer inquiries, and offering significant cost savings for enterprises. We believe that Omilia's dedication to developing proprietary technologies and providing flexible solutions aligns with Endeavor's mission of supporting high-impact entrepreneurs who drive economic growth and job creation. We are excited about the potential of Omilia's solutions to transform the customer care industry and deliver measurable value for their enterprise customers.


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