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Limassol, Cyprus
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Betrayal to Breakthrough: Omilia's AI Revolution

Picture this: Your supplier, the one you've trusted, starts poaching your clients. For most, it's game over. But for Dimitris Vassos and Omilia? It was the push they needed to become a powerhouse in the world of Conversational AI.

Omilia's journey began in 2002, not as the tech giant we know today, but as a humble contact center integrator, relying on third-party software. Business was booming until one day, their speech recognition software supplier tried a sneaky move: they wanted Omilia's client list. And then they tried to snatch those clients, Dimitris didn't get mad. He got innovative. Cutting ties with the supplier, he and his team rolled up their sleeves and crafted their own, even better, speech recognition software. Fast forward to today, and Omilia isn't just on the map; they're blazing the path forward. Recognized as a Leader in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Conversational AI, the company is on fire. Omilia's Cloud Platform reshapes how the AI is used, drawing from deep experience in customer service and real-world data. The standout feature? Its unique Cognitive Alphabet for Customer Service: miniApps that make bots smarter and more relatable. Serving a whopping one billion conversations across 17 countries, Omilia is speaking the language of success.


What excites us about Omilia is their innovative approach to customer care and their commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences. Their unique selling points lie in their ability to provide human-like conversational experiences, reducing call center volume and wait times, handling complex customer inquiries, and offering significant cost savings for enterprises. We believe that Omilia's dedication to developing proprietary technologies and providing flexible solutions aligns with Endeavor's mission of supporting high-impact entrepreneurs who drive economic growth and job creation. We are excited about the potential of Omilia's solutions to transform the customer care industry and deliver measurable value for their enterprise customers.


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