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Dimitris Vassos

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Dimitris is an NLU (Natural Language Understanding) technology visionary and entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience in Customer Care self-service solutions. He has led his company, Omilia, to become a world leader in NLU technology and has delivered Conversational Self-Service solutions to numerous organizations across the world. Dimitris is committed to customer experience and ROI and has a deep technical expertise coupled with vision and the ability to execute. He specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Speech Recognition-ASR, Natural Language Processing, Voice User Interface design, Interaction modeling, Dialog Management, Self-Service, CTI, IVR, Customer Experience, and Machine Learning. Dimitris is a committed entrepreneur who is hungry for innovation and possesses strong qualities for leadership and international business development.

Omilia is a developer of conversational artificial intelligence self-services. The company specializes in developing an entire stack of proprietary technologies that enable enterprises to realize the digital transformation of their customer care, offering an integrated human-like conversational experience across all channels. Omilia's solutions are disrupting the traditional customer care sector, particularly the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, which are often criticized for their lack of effectiveness in handling customer queries. Omilia's Conversational Self-Service solutions offer a natural language understanding (NLU) interface that allows customers to interact with the system in a more natural and intuitive way, without being restricted to a limited set of options. The selling points of Omilia's solutions are the ability to deliver a human-like conversational experience, the reduction in call center volume and wait times, the ability to handle complex customer inquiries, and the potential for significant cost savings for the enterprise. Omilia's solutions are also flexible and can be customized to suit the unique needs of each enterprise.


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