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Transforming the way people buy, sell, rent and manage properties, offering a digital-first enhanced experience

Prosperty is a digital real estate platform that was founded by Antonis in March 2020. Its main mission is to disrupt the traditional real estate market by providing end-to-end digital services that simplify and streamline the process of buying and renting properties. The company is solving the problem of a complex and opaque real estate industry by offering a user-friendly platform that provides customers with comprehensive property data, pricing transparency, and a streamlined transaction process. This allows for a simpler and more transparent experience for customers, making it easier for them to find and secure the properties they desire. Currently, Prosperty operates primarily in Greece, where it is headquartered in Athens. The company has already achieved significant success and stands out for its resilience, having launched during a difficult time for the real estate industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Prosperty's business model is based on commission fees for transactions, as well as advertising and sponsorship revenue. Overall, Prosperty is a disruptive force in the real estate industry, using technology and innovation to provide a more customer-centric experience that is simpler, transparent, and more efficient.


Prosperty's unique selling points, including its user-friendly digital platform, pricing transparency, and streamlined transaction process, make it an attractive investment opportunity. Additionally, the company's resilience and success in launching during a challenging time for the real estate industry demonstrates strong leadership and adaptability. Furthermore, Prosperty's mission to disrupt the traditional real estate market by simplifying and streamlining the buying and renting process aligns well with the Endeavor mission of supporting high-impact entrepreneurs who are transforming industries and driving economic growth. We are excited about Prosperty's potential to create positive change in the real estate industry and their commitment to innovation and customer-centricity.


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