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TileDB, Inc.

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Enterprise Software & ServicesCloud Computing, Infrastructure & Monitoring
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Cambridge, USA
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Manage any data as multi-dimensional arrays and access with any tool at a global scale, all serverless.

TileDB is an MIT and Intel Labs spin-out, founded in 2017. It did not take long for the company’s mission and vision to be recognized, followed by the backing of international conglomerates like Amgen Ventures, Lockheed Martin Ventures, and Verizon Ventures. TileDB is redefining data management and solving one of the biggest pain points for large organizations: the inability to capture, manage, store, and govern different types of data under one unified solution. TileDB is the only system worldwide that can securely and efficiently capture, manage, store, and govern diverse forms of data under a single solution, for companies operating across life sciences and geospatial research, generative AI, or data science more broadly. TileDB’s innovative software has evolved rapidly. It offers a state-of-the-art open-source storage engine called TileDB Embedded that allows all types of data to be integrated into a common, highly efficient model. In addition to the storage engine, TileDB has developed a global serverless platform called TileDB cloud, which facilitates fast and secure analysis and collaboration. Both the storage machine and the platform are interoperable with a variety of tools and machine learning frameworks in the wider data science ecosystem.


TileDB has received the vote of confidence from some of the largest corporate players in the world across industries, like top pharmaceutical company Amgen, and leading telecommunications provider Verizon. The team works almost exclusively with very large enterprises and Fortune 500 companies, having raised over $50 million since its inception, with an all-star investor lineup, including, Intel Capital, Two Bear Capital, and Nexus Venture Partners. The company’s Series B round of $30 million announced in Q4 of 2023 was led by AlleyCorp, founded by season entrepreneur, Kevin Ryan.


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