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Stavros Papadopoulos

TileDB, Inc.
TileDB, Inc.
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Boston, USA

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From Xanthi to Tech Titan

From the streets of Xanthi to the tech hubs of the world, Stavros Papadopoulos wasn't your typical startup guy. But he's now shaking up the database world, aiming to make TileDB the next big thing out of Greece.

Stavros's path into the tech world was anything but ordinary. A nudge from a cousin set him on a trajectory that led him to Hong Kong for a PhD. It wasn't all about passion; sometimes, it was about spotting opportunities. Later, during his time at MIT and Intel, he realized that traditional databases struggled with the heavy-lifters, like genomics data or satellite images. That's when TileDB stepped into the spotlight, ready to tackle these data challenges head-on.

Now, Stavros has his eyes set on the stars. He's dreaming big for TileDB, hoping to make it as iconic as Oracle. Whether it's speeding up drug discoveries or helping hospitals spot genetic issues in newborns, TileDB is on it. And with some top investors now backing him, Stavros's big dream is getting closer to reality.

Stavros is on a mission. Beyond personal success with TileDB, he envisions a future where a Greek tech company stands tall among global giants. His ambition is clear: to craft a legacy not just for himself, but for Greece in the tech world.


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