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Oslo, Norway
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The problem that Two is solving is the complex and inefficient processes involved in B2B transactions, making it challenging for businesses to manage their cash flow, inventory, and growth effectively. Two's platform simplifies the B2B purchase management process, offering businesses a one-stop-shop for managing their expenses, invoices, and payments. Currently, Two operates in several countries, including Norway and the United Kingdom. The company has offices in Oslo and London and is continuing to expand its operations globally. Two stands out for its resilience, having successfully navigated the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, which disrupted many other businesses in the industry. Two's business model is based on a subscription model and transaction fees, offering businesses an affordable and accessible solution for managing their B2B purchases. The company's unique offering has garnered significant attention, with its platform gaining recognition as an efficient and innovative solution to the challenges of B2B transactions. Overall, Two's mission is to revolutionize the B2B purchase management sector, offering businesses a faster, more efficient, and affordable way to manage their finances and grow their businesses.


What excites us about Two is their innovative approach to fixing the inefficiencies of B2B transactions. Their platform provides a unique and efficient solution to managing B2B purchases, offering businesses a faster and more affordable way to manage their finances and grow their businesses. Furthermore, their focus on optimizing the B2B purchasing experience aligns with Endeavor's mission of supporting high-impact entrepreneurs who are dedicated to driving economic growth and innovation.


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