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Stavros Tamvakakis

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Olso, Norway

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Stavros Tamvakakis has significant experience in finance, operations, and strategy. As a co-founder and Finance & Operations Executive at Two, he is responsible for managing the financial and operational aspects of the company. His previous position as Chief Strategy Officer at Praxia Bank suggests that he has extensive experience in developing and implementing strategic plans for organizations. Furthermore, his Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) from Harvard Business School demonstrates that he has a strong educational background in business management and administration. Overall, Stavros's background and education reflect his expertise in finance, operations, and strategy, which are essential skills for a business executive.

Two is a software development company that specializes in providing B2B purchase management software designed to provide quick and flexible invoice financing with smart expense management. The company's platform focuses on offering businesses efficient check-out and credit terms by simply checking customers' data and payment with the invoice. This enables clients to optimize business and process efficiency, making it easier for businesses to manage their expenses and cash flow effectively. Two is disrupting the traditional invoice financing sector by providing a streamlined and efficient way for businesses to manage their cash flow. Its B2B purchase management software simplifies the invoice financing process, enabling businesses to get the funding they need quickly and easily. By automating the payment and invoice reconciliation process, Two's platform saves businesses time and money while reducing the risk of errors. The selling points of Two's B2B purchase management software are its speed, flexibility, and efficiency. Its smart expense management features and quick invoice financing enable businesses to manage their cash flow effectively, improving their financial position and enabling them to invest in growth. Two's platform also offers businesses flexible credit terms, making it easier for them to manage their expenses and improve their cash flow. Additionally, its automated payment and invoice reconciliation process reduces the risk of errors, saving businesses time and money. Overall, Two's platform provides a unique and efficient solution to the invoice financing challenges faced by businesses, which is its primary selling point.


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Two. Co-Founder, Finance & Operations at Two.

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