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Alex Kelaiditis

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Alex has a background and expertise in investment banking, equity capital markets, debt capital markets, and derivatives. He worked at Goldman Sachs for 9 years, where he was the head of Greece and Cyprus coverage. After leaving Goldman Sachs, he worked at Dolphin Capital Opportunities for 4 years, where he served as an Executive Director, focusing on hotel investment opportunities in the region. Currently, he is the Chief Investment Officer at FlexFin Ltd, an online SME lending fintech company based in Nicosia, Cyprus, and Athens, Greece.

As the Chief Investment Officer of FlexFin Ltd, Alex plays a crucial role in driving the company's success by overseeing the company's investment strategies, ensuring that they align with the company's overall objectives. Alex's expertise in investment banking, capital markets, and derivatives positions him well to lead the company's efforts in providing financing and cash flow management services for small and medium-sized enterprises in Greece and Cyprus. FlexFin Ltd is disrupting the traditional financing sector by offering factoring services and liquidity through a modern and user-friendly platform. The company's factoring services allow SMEs to finance their receivables quickly and efficiently by discounting invoices and checks electronically. This approach to financing provides SMEs with greater flexibility and control over their cash flow, enabling them to access much-needed funds more easily than traditional financing methods. The company's selling points include a user-friendly platform, efficient and streamlined processes, and quick access to funding, all of which are essential for SMEs seeking to manage their cash flow effectively. Alex's role in overseeing the investment strategies of the company is crucial to ensuring that the company can continue to innovate and disrupt the traditional financing sector, providing much-needed financing options for SMEs in Greece and Cyprus.


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