Endeavor ScaleUp 5th batch: 13 most promising high-growth companies that lead the way

By Endeavor Greece Nov 10, 2022

A strong Global Greek Diaspora presence paired with committed individuals who have a pay-it-forward mentality is the perfect recipe for a community that contributes to the fast-paced transformation that the Greek economy is under right now. With that kind of support, no wonder the Greek Tech Ecosystem is on a roll. Endeavor, the international non-profit organization that supports the growth of Innovation Ecosystems in more than 40 markets, has had its feet planted in Greece for the last 10 years and is at the epicenter of what is coming next for Greek Innovation.

Greece, 10 November, 2022Endeavor, the international organization that supports the growth of innovation ecosystems in over 40 underserved markets and has been present in Greece for 10 years now, is announcing the 5th batch of its ScaleUp Program. ScaleUp is the first international program for Greek Innovation, which selects and brings together the most promising rising stars entrepreneurs from around the world that have ties or want to have connections with Greece. 59 rapidly growing companies have been supported over the last 2 years that together have raised $622M and created more than 4.4K jobs globally. Today, the organization welcomes 13 fast-growing companies and their innovative high-impact founders to its network.

The promising scaleup companies entering the Endeavor ScaleUp 5th Batch have managed to raise approximately 100M dollars and hire 470 people in total. 38% percent of them come from the fintech sector following the general trends, while 23% are related to smart cities, manufacturing and the energy sector. Here is the introduction to the companies and their entrepreneurs.

They have been carefully selected by 40 key players of the global tech scene, mentors of the global Endeavor network, indicatively Mr. Evan Kotsovinos (AmEx), Mr. Rob Genieser (ETF Partners), Mr. Lars Rasmussen (Google Maps, Facebook), Mr. Marcos Veremis (Upstream, BigPi), Mr. John Papadakis (Pollfish). 

Maritina Grelloni, Head of Portfolio Growth at Endeavor Greece, is confident that the ecosystem will continue to generate innovative scaleups, as showcased also by this fall’s ScaleUp batch, while she also expects that the boldness of the investments will decline for a while, and there will be a bear market for some time. That’s where Endeavor comes in. The Greek office of the international non governmental organization present in 43 emerging markets worldwide, has been active in Greece for 10 years now, offers local and global exposure, intelligence and access to capital to the new promising founders through the ScaleUp Program, which is more vital than ever for their growth and expansion beyond the local markets.

Marianthi Nika, Entrepreneur Selection & Growth Manager, welcomed the 13 companies and highlighted the great inspiration that comes from finding founders with vision when they are small, strongly supporting them through their scaling journey using global resources, see them converting into global cases and afterwards help them to offer back to their community by bringing new ideas, new technology, investments and new job positions in Greece. This way Endeavor, through the exclusive services it provides, strengthens the Greek Innovation Ecosystem and creates real value for the Greek society.  


Meet the new batch 


Plum  - ​​Plum has developed an AI and behavioral economics-based money management application that has already helped its users save and invest £1.3bn+ since inception. 

Flexfin - Flexfin is transforming the factoring industry by providing financing and cash flow management services to small and medium-sized enterprises via a modern and user-friendly platform. 

Natech - Natech is a European Fintech Company developing Banking systems for high-profile financial institutions for nearly 20 years now and is building the first Digital Bank out of Greece to support end-customers, financial and non-financial institutions through a real-time digital banking offering.

Finclude - Finclude develops a unique pan-European credit scoring system that allows businesses to assess consumers in a universal way based on their transactional behavior, regardless if they have a credit history or not. The company assesses people based on their affordability as derived by their ability and willingness to repay utilizing machine learning models on top of their day to day transactions and spending behaviors in real-time. Their models are forward looking, inclusive, able to serve all Europeans including the 200mil ones with no credit history and the 58mil ones with no access to credit.

Smart cities

Ariadne Maps - Ariadne Maps is building a real-time customer analytics platform enabled with award-winning accuracy, that provides physical organizations with comprehensive and detailed customer and visitor analytics for better optimization of their operations and customer service

TigerAire -Tigeraire delivers revolutionary airflow technology for hard hats and football helmets increasing the performance and productivity of its users.

Perceptual Robotics - Perceptual Robotics provides a new, cost effective inspection tool that increases number of inspections, and quality, whilst minimizing health and safety risks to some of the largest wind turbine operators across the world. 


Dyania Health - Dyania’s clinical algorithms use natural language processing to read and extract clinical data from chaotic free text found in electronic medical records, leading to faster and more accurate predictions of patient compatibility for a clinical trial in oncology and autoimmune diseases.

Thymia - Thymia uses cutting edge technology to detect signs of depression and fatigue by analyzing  facial microexpressions and speech patterns through the playing of specially designed video games.


Embion Technologies - Embion’s biomass processing technology enables upcycling of food and agricultural byproducts into high-value-add ingredients and solutions in food, feed, cosmetics and beyond.


Protio - Protio aims to fix the affordable housing and environmental crisis created by the 220M buildings in Europe which are more than 20 years old and energy inefficient - through their apartment investment platform, individual investors can invest in a “Rebuild-to-Rent” property, hassle-free, and property owners can receive an offer for their apartment in just 24 hours.

Travel and Hospitality

Welcome Pickups - Welcome Pickups redefines the way people travel by offering the most personalized and wholesome travel experience from the moment they start planning their trip until the moment they return home.


Wikifarmer - Wikifarmer is a global B2B marketplace of agricultural products with the mission to empower and educate farmers across the world and at the same time connect them with the open market to sell their products at fair prices.