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Markellos Diorinos

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Athens, Greece

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Markello's experience is focused on utilizing technology and scientific methods to assist organizations in enhancing their talent acquisition and retention procedures. As the co-founder and CEO of Bryq, a leading Talent Intelligence Platform, his objective is to enable organizations to make informed decisions based on data-driven insights. Markello has a strong background in both technology and business, which enables him to lead Bryq towards its mission. He has been leading Bryq since April 2019, indicating that he possesses expertise in managing a startup for an extended period. Overall, Markello's experience demonstrates a focus on employing technology and data to help organizations enhance their recruitment and retention processes.

Bryq is a company that has developed a talent assessment platform that is aimed at helping organizations find diverse and suitable candidates for their open positions. Their platform offers a scientifically based talent assessment that leverages data to screen candidates and match their skills and personality to job and company requirements without any bias. The company's goal is to enable recruiters to combine cognitive skills and personality trait measurements to have an overall meaningful and pleasant recruitment experience. Bryq's developers play a vital role in creating and maintaining the company's talent assessment platform. Their work involves designing and developing software that powers the platform's capabilities, ensuring that it is efficient and effective in delivering data-driven insights to recruiters. Bryq's platform is disrupting the recruitment and talent acquisition sector by offering an innovative solution that leverages scientific methods to identify the most suitable and diverse candidates for any given role. The selling points of the platform include its data-driven approach, which eliminates bias and delivers accurate and reliable insights, its ability to screen candidates and match them to job and company requirements quickly, and its focus on providing a meaningful and pleasant recruitment experience for both recruiters and candidates alike. Ultimately, we care about Bryq's platform because it has the potential to revolutionize the way companies approach recruitment and talent acquisition, making it more efficient, effective, and fair.


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