Better Origin: Fixing the broken food chain

By Endeavor Greece Jan 16, 2023

"We realized that man is called upon to solve a problem that he has created himself while nature has already solved it. Through some brainstorming sessions, we thought that if nature is already doing it, why don't we do it too and solve this problem."

Endeavor Greece's Outliers Podcast, welcomes Fotis Fotiadis, founder & CEO of Better Origin, the company that has succeeded with an intelligent model to transform food waste into sustainable animal feed, through the use of artificial intelligence.

Better Origin's journey began in 2015 at the University of Cambridge when the four original founders met and collaborated in a business competition and were inspired by the idea of ​​creating a model that, imitates nature and uses insects to turn waste into nutrients for the food chain. After much dedication to experiments, which the founders did all the while working, Better Origin was founded, with a vision of converting local waste into sustainable animal feed in large containers using artificial intelligence. Today, Better Origin has received over $22m in funding and works with Morrisons, one of the UK's largest supermarket chains, to provide it with food waste.

Fotis shares with us his journey with Better Origin - from his desire to make a positive impact on the world, to choosing his Masters in Engineering for Sustainable Development, to founding Better Origin. Starting initially as 4 founders, he explains the team's journey and how 2 eventually remained. He refers to Better Origin's future plans and discusses whether the Greek market is ready to accept a model like Better Origin's.

Listen to the episode here and learn more at outliers.gr