Fay Christodoulou joins the Endeavor Network

By Endeavor Greece Oct 6, 2020

Fay Christodoulou, co-founder of Miroculus, was selected to join the Endeavor global network of high – impact entrepreneurs, thus becoming Endeavor Greece’s 3rd female Entrepreneur. The company’s other two co-founders are also part of the network, as Endeavor Mexico Entrepreneurs. 

Miroculus was founded back in 2014 by three ambitious entrepreneurs; Alejandro Tocigl, Fay Christodoulou and Jorge Soto, who met at Singularity University Global Solutions Program. With their diverse backgrounds, they were drawn together by a shared desire to develop tools that facilitate high quality, advanced scientific research for their home countries (Chile, Greece and Mexico). They began working on microRNA for early cancer detection and in the process of developing this technology, the trio realized they were building a flexible, intelligent solution for innumerable applications.

Today, Miroculus has developed a novel digital microfluidics technology, called Miro Technology, that automates and miniaturizes complex laboratory protocols used in Genomics (Next Generation Sequencing library prep synthetic biology, CRISPR-mediated cell editing, and combinatorial chemistry, in a compact, user-friendly system. The system includes an instrument, a plastic consumable and a software that will allow thousands of scientists, engineers, hospitals and lab operators all over the world to create, share and run the most complex protocols and tests in a fully automated fashion at no additional cost.

In 2020, Miroculus is planning to launch Miro Canvas, its first commercial system. Also, the company has announced its partnership with Twist Biosciences​, to offer a complete solution to its customers, by simplifying the user experience as much as possible. They also have co-development agreements with GlaxoSmithKline to enable high-throughput scaled genome editing.

The company has raised more than $30M in investment from VCs (OSFund, Nazca), family offices and Fortune 500 companies. Endeavor Catalyst ​has also co-invested in Miroculus, back in 2018.