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Eirini Schlosser

Dyania Health, Inc
Dyania Health, Inc
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New York, US / Athens, Greece

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Eirini Schlosser is the co-founder and CEO of Dyania health, with over a decade of experience across the fields of investments, entrepreneurship and healthcare. Prior to founding Dyania Health, Eirini worked at Morgan Stanley's M&A division, working in multi-billion dollar deals across technology and healthcare. Discovering her drive for technological innovation through her work with technology companies during her time at Morgan Stanley, Eirini continued her career with the launch of several initiatives and business ventures in the space, ultimately returning to the healthcare space when she launched Dyania Health in 2019. Dyania Health is a venture-backed company founded with a vision to leverage natural language processing and data analytics to introduce process automation of manual chart review of electronic medical records (EMR). The company’s Synapsis AI technology enables the creation of EMR -based servers to pre-screen patients for clinical studies, as well as build synthetic retrospective EMR data sets for external control arms or market access studies. As the company’s CEO, Eirini has expanded Dyania’s mission and vision globally across the healthcare space, accelerating innovation in clinical research.

Dyania Health operates within the pharmaceutical space, an industry characterized by large amounts of unstructured data which can hinder clinical innovation. As an advanced healthcare AI research company, the team has developed a platform to identify patients who match complex criteria to participate in clinical trials attempting to address life-impacting conditions, through the power of natural language processing.


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Dyania Health, IncCo-Founder & CEO at Dyania Health

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