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Eirini Schlosser

Dyania Health, Inc
Dyania Health, Inc
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New York, US / Athens, Greece

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Eirini Schlosser is the Founder and CEO of Dyania Health, a fast-growing technology company focused on training natural language understanding (large language models) for medical grade performance in clinical research. She is leading a team of NLP Applied Scientists and Physicians, bridging computational acumen and medical expertise, to build Dyania Health's Synapsis AI, an end-to-end system adapted for various clinical support use cases.

Applications of Synapsis AI include (1) pre-screening concurrent and retrospective electronic medical records (EMRs) for qualification against clinical study criteria, (2) replacing manual chart abstraction for national registries, or (3) in real world data studies and external control arms. Eirini is a serial entrepreneur and has spent the last decade building and leading data science and natural language processing applications. In addition to professional certifications in machine learning from MIT and a Masters degree from London Business School, her prior experience includes working on approx. $60 billion deal value in technology, pharmaceutical, and consumer transactions as a member of Morgan Stanley’s Mergers & Acquisitions Team.


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Dyania Health, IncCo-Founder & CEO at Dyania Health

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